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Everything it takes so everyone can grow A Christ Hospital Health Network employee smiling with the headline: 'Everything it takes so everyone can grow' A Christ Hospital Health Network employee smiling with the headline: 'Everything it takes so everyone can grow'

Explore programs to achieve your potential.

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we work to meet you where you are in your learning and development journey. We offer a variety of programs and experiences that include online, virtual and self-directed learning, as well as formalized programmatic and experiential development.

Network Orientation

Within your first 30 days, you will attend a Network Orientation seminar to welcome and introduce you to key elements of the organization, our team member value proposition and patient experience. In this single-day session, you will connect with your new colleagues and meet leaders throughout the organization. Following this session, you will continue with your functional and department orientation.

A group of Christ Hospital Health Network employees smiling.

Team Members

We support your daily success as a valuable member of our team by introducing you to our culture and key skill components related to your specific job responsibilities. Additional team member experiences focus on designing a personal plan for health, well-being and overall career goals.

Internal Mobility

We believe career impact, mobility and growth are all more attainable due to the size and agility of our independent healthcare network. Through our team-based culture, learning and development offerings and leadership support, we will encourage you to learn about other roles in the network, assess fit and explore new opportunities.

A group of Christ Hospital Health Network employees smiling.

Leadership Development

As a leader within The Christ Hospital Health Network, you will have 24/7 access to our online learning platform that is packed with thousands of resources, available to you in a self-directed format. You can build a unique learning and development plan to help support you in leadership effectiveness.

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New Manager Networking

Managers are a key component to our success. The New Manager Networking experience supports new and newly promoted managers in making a successful transition to their leadership role within the network. We'll help you understand how things get done here, build a network of support and get a strong start.

Aspiring Leaders

If you see leadership as a possibility in your professional development trajectory, we have a learning path that will prepare you to step up to the challenge while supporting your goals and aspirations. You will gain deeper insights into the organization and have an opportunity to learn more about yourself, recognizing how your influence can make a difference as you navigate your internal career mobility.

Executive Leadership

Navigating the dynamic healthcare environment and competitive landscape is a foundational responsibility for our administrative and clinical leadership teams. We offer a cohort-driven experience that challenges leaders to enhance their personal leadership, driving excellence and further championing our mission, vision, core values and strategy. Throughout this developmental experience, leaders expand their personal network of influence, acting broadly to ensure alignment to patient and community needs.

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