Adjunct Professor-RN - Nursing - On-Site

Job Description

Part-time temporary position, teach or assist in teaching one or more courses or clinical per academic term. Implements optimal learning experiences for students. Contributes to the college's operational effectiveness through guided supervision of students' clinical and didactic experiences under the direction of course faculty. Reports directly to the Dean, Nursing.


Implements clinical/simulation/skills lab and/or didactic learning experiences to facilitate students meeting clinical and/or course outcomes.

• Teaches assigned didactic courses for duration of academic semester. Ensure learning assessment goals and outcomes are met. Work in collaboration with associated course faculty when appropriate.

• Teaches assigned clinical/lab experience

  • Supervises students' clinical/skills lab experiences to promote optimum student learning as directed by course faculty.
  • Communicates clinical objectives and orients students to the assigned clinical site, as applicable
  • Interprets the role of the student in the clinical area, including clinical outcomes, to managers/nursing personnel.
  • Implements clinical teaching strategies as designed by course faculty, based on current education and practice based research.
  • Provides both informal and formal feedback to students regarding clinical performance, utilizing objective, evaluative criteria.
  • Utilizes evaluation surveys to determine effectiveness of clinical experience.
  • Maintains expertise in and requisite requirements for the assigned area of clinical responsibility, teaching and professional nursing practice.
  • Assists with course orientation, as applicable.

Role models professional growth and development.

• Maintains active licensure(s) as required.

• Maintains professional and legal standards in relation to client care, appearance and conduct.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.


• Completion of an approved professional nursing education program in a jurisdiction as defined in the OAC is required.

• For clinical instruction, a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing is required; a Master's Degree in Nursing is preferred.

• For didactic instruction, a Master's Degree in Nursing is required.


• Experience of at least two years in the practice of professional nursing as a registered nurse.

• Teaching experience preferred.



Current, valid licensure as an RN in Ohio, BLS certification required.