Anesthesia Technician - Full Time - Days

Job Description

To provide support to the work done the the professional Anesthesia personnel through equipment, supply, operations, maintenance and support.


Direct Patient Care Duties

Anesthetic gas machine set up: 6-8W,3 OB, 2 Endoscopy, 1 EP lab, 28 B-level, 12 JSC that are used by the anesthesia care team (ACT), which includes the daily system pre-check, calibration of Draeger anesthetic machine, assembly of the anesthesia circuit and mask and a complete circuit check. Ready for end use by ACT.

Nitric oxide delivery system: Assemble (special nitric oxide circuit delivery system) and assist with the usage as directed by the anesthesia care team (ACT).

3D echocardiography (TEE) machines. Assemble probe and dental guard. Power up machine and remote cables. Assist with usage as directed by the ACT. Assist anesthesiologist with line isolation issues that impair TEE imaging.

Airway management: Have equipment available daily for use on the anesthesia cart as indicated by the operating room (OR) schedule for the patients receiving anesthesia.

Cardiac rooms: Assemble and assist with the usage of triple channel pumps with designated infusions, cerebral oximetry, general blood administration set, fluid warmers, cables for pressure monitoring, additional drug administration supplies and transesophageal echocardiography (TEE).

Joint and Spine: Assemble total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) infusion pumps, provide additional pulse oximetry, assemble BIS monitors, and assemble line placement for arterial monitoring and assist ACT as directed.

Ultrasound equipment: Assemble probe cover, gel and printing capability for line placement. Assemble and assist with their usage as directed by the ACT.

Video laryngoscopy equipment. Assemble and assist with usage as directed by the ACT.

Fiber optic equipment. Assemble and assist with usage as directed by the ACT.

Difficult airway patients: Assemble and assist with equipment and supplies, including fiber optic, jet ventilation, video, specialty tubes, laser tubes, micro endotracheal tube ( ETT), endotracheal tube exchangers/intubating stylets and laryngeal mask airway (LMA's) as directed by the anesthesia care team.

Malignant hyperthermia (MH): Equipment and carts are prepared and readily available with special anesthetic equipment assembled and supplied to the anesthesia machine for usage as directed by the ACT.

Massive transfusion: Assemble and assist with usage as directed by the anesthesia care team all equipment for massive transfusion. Includes assembly of the appropriate disposable cassette, filter system and proper infusion tubing for a rapid transfuser. Assemble general blood administration tubing.

Emergency situations arising in any location the OR or in the hospital at large (e.g. ER, patient rooms): All anesthesia technicians are BLS certified and are expected to assist with chest compressions if requested as well as assist with their other duties. Other duties include securing TEE capability, ultrasound, emergency line placement, emergency intubations and/or difficult airway, MH resuscitation, lab draws, blood administration and any other duties as directed by the ACT.

Computer system, network issues both with hard wire connections and cabling are first addressed by anesthesia technicians and then directed to clinical engineering.

Bedside assistance: Assist a member of the ACT in providing patient care. Anesthesia technicians may assist in the moving of a patient, including but not limited to the moving of the patient, IV and pressure lines, ventilation tubing, infusion pumps and oxygen circuits.

They may assist an ACT member by opening sterile supplies or trays.

Patient transport: Assist the ACT in transportation of patients, usually from a remote site, OB or 8W to an off site location that requires the transportation of emergency equipment or ongoing resuscitation. This is often an extension of care involving emergency situations. Assist with assembly of anesthesia equipment in the new location while the patient remains under anesthesia.

General duties that support the Anesthesia Care Team in providing direct patient care

All mechanical, pneumatic and electronic equipment used in the anesthesia department also undergoes general inspection, maintenance, operating, servicing, scheduled cleaning, assembling, calibrating, testing and trouble shooting in the event of performance issues. This includes (but is not limited to) the anesthesia gas machine, anesthesia cart, MH cart, fiber optic equipment, specialty anesthesia storage areas in OR's A, B, 3 and 4, specialty cardiovascular line placement carts in OR's A, B, 3 and 4, 3D echocardiography (TEE) machines, ultrasound machines, all infusion pumps (fluid, blood, or medication) that are maintained by the Anesthesia Department and video laryngoscopy equipment maintained by the Anesthesia Department.

Readily available to set-up anesthesia in a remote location( including but not limited to High dose radiation, CT, Cancer Center, Pain Practice Center and the Heart Station). Power down the equipment in the initial location, move and restore the system in the remote location. Includes relocation of anesthesia cart, supplies and additional monitoring as needed. Also includes computer system (Epic) network set-ups.

Prepare equipment and supplies used daily in the Anesthesia Department

Assist with cleaning and turning over the cardiac rooms.

Non patient care duties

Daily documentation of activities assigned.

Document and report any equipment maintenance or failure issues to the Head Anesthesia Technician and/or Clinical Engineering.

Adhere to principles and techniques of biohazards, infection control and standard precautions. This includes cleanliness, sanitation, high level disinfection and sterility measures of supplies and equipment as indicated.

Storage use and safe handling of bulk, cylinder and pipeline gases.

Adhere to the principles of fire, radiation and electrical safety.

Requisition supplies as indicated.

Continuing education on the care, maintenance and proper usage of equipment.

Organization of all materials and supplies used within the department.

Hospital wide sweeps, quarterly and as needed, for wayward anesthesia equipment.

Special projects as requested by Anesthesia Department director or a member of the ACT.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: Successful high school graduate or GED with related technical or vocational training preferred.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Preferred 2 to 4 years hospital experience or healthcare facility related to Anesthesia Technician position. O.R. experience preferred.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge of regulatory, legislative and Joint Commission standards related to Anesthesia, surgery, and infection control. Knowledge of care and maintenance of technical equipment. Excellent communication skills and organizational ability. Some mechanical ability preferred. BLS certification.


ASAII Certification recommended within 3 years of employment.

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