Assistant Manager - Cardiac Cath/EP Lab RN or Rad Tech

Job Description

Clinical Assistant Managers advocate for and allocate available resources to promote efficient, effective, safe and compassionate nursing care based on current standards of practice while promoting shared decision-making and professional autonomy. This role encompasses assisting with the management of personnel, budget, strategic planning and regulatory standards as well as the overall care delivery system on the unit.


Administrative Leadership in Collaboration with Clinical Manager:

  • Assists in development of PI Plan initiatives in collaboration with Clinical Manager to improve outcomes.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of job standards and key requirements for each staff position in assigned areas of responsibility, holding subordinates accountable for the responsibilities inherent to their positions.
  • Provides feedback/counseling, and assists with discipline to assigned staff as appropriate.
  • Provides assigned staff with performance evaluations as defined by HR.
  • Supports peer review systems, and implements as feasible with mechanisms in place for staff input into their own evaluations.
  • Provides structure and opportunity for staff nurses to establish and accomplish their goals.
  • Participates in regular leadership and staff meetings.
  • Creates an atmosphere that encourages staff participation in nursing and hospital based activities.
  • Ensures staff maintains/achieves necessary competencies for their job functions along with unit educator.
  • Supports professionalism through ethical conduct, appearance, positive communication, attendance and holding self accountable for same standards set for staff.
  • Participates in councils, task forces, and special projects as assigned or requested and provides opportunities for staff.
  • Collaborates with Clinical Manager to ensure that patient satisfaction targets are achieved and maintained.
  • Attends Radiation Safety Committee meetings as representation of Cath Lab and EP Lab.

Operations in Collaboration with Clinical Manager:

  • Ensures personnel work hours best meet the needs of the unit.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of models of patient care delivery which maximize resources and productivity with respect for individual rights, preferences, ethnicity, culture and diversity.
  • Ensures safe and therapeutic environment is maintained for patients, personnel, physicians, and visitors.
  • Assists in interviewing for staff vacancies in a timely manner.
  • Serves as advocate for patients and families.
  • Ensures the nursing process is utilized in care delivery.
  • Ensures new hires, float, and agency personnel receive appropriate and timely orientation, with processes documented per policy along with the unit educator.
  • Evaluates and provides input to Manager on the effectiveness of unit operations, quality and appropriateness of care.
  • Participates in performance improvement activities for assigned areas of responsibility. Assists staff and physicians in obtaining data; collaborates in using data to meet expectations, correct variances, and simplify work processes. Disseminates and discusses data outcomes with staff and physicians.
  • Informs Manager, Director and/or risk manager of serious or potentially serious patient/visitor problems and issues as soon as they are identified.
  • Coordinates nursing care with other healthcare disciplines, and assists in integrating services across the continuum of health care.
  • Works collaboratively with physicians, clinical manager, charge nurses and other staff to facilitate the smooth and efficient patient throughput on a daily basis.
  • Collaborates with Clinical Manager in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Maintains a high level of visibility on the unit.

Inventory Management in Collaboration with Clinical Managers:

  • Responsible for collaborating with Sourcing Analyst to determine appropriate substitutes of supplies, when necessary, replenish inventory in both the supply room and Cath Lab and EP Lab when needed.
  • Responsible for collaboration with HTM for arranging proper maintenance of Cardiac Cath Lab and EP Lab equipment and communicates with Clinical Engineering when issues arise.
  • Monitors monthly supply expense variance. Reports reasons for variance to managers and works with managers to control future supply expense variance. Maintains communication related to inventory management and supply expense through regular meetings with physicians, administrators, and managers. Works with management to prepare annual capital budget, monthly Cath Lab and EP Lab Financial Report Out to Executive team, aware of equipment lifespan and upcoming replacement needs to allow for appropriate planning and budgeting.
  • Responsible for financial optimization of supply par levels in Cardiac Cath Lab and EP Lab. Sets reorder points with documented usage information support. Provides supervision of inventory supply personnel.
  • Maintains mappings of inventory locations. Performs cycle counts, physical audits, and process transactions within Cardiac Cath Lab and EP Lab. Monitors product expiration dates to assure patient safety and prevent product waste.
  • Ensures Point of Use System is updated and accurate through coordinated efforts working with Supply Chain Applications and appropriate Supply Chain staff.
  • Responsible for the coordination and documentation of all supplies and new equipment requests processed through Value Analysis. Ensures that all replaced product is used before product conversion. Ensures appropriate staff training occurs before new product is put into use and identifies with the department educators' criteria and competencies required.
  • Acts as supply contract point person, assuring compliance with contract requirements and working with management to update contracts as necessary.Obtains and provides analysis of current and potentially new supply contract agreements and coordinates this through the Physicians and Value annalysis committee. Schedules lab time for vendors in conjunction with the needs of physicians in collaboration with department educators. Works with physicians to manage supply and equipment utilization as per contracts and according to clinical and case needs to ensure.
  • Organizes and directs lead inventory checks as advised by Radiation Safety Committee. Assists with dosimetry badges ordering, disbursement, and returning to company.
  • Manages One Recall System for both Cath Lab and EP Lab.
  • Collaborates with Clinical Educators to ensure all staff are educated and trained on supplies/equipment. Participates in procedures to ensure new/demo items are being used appropriately. Performs post utilization evaluation of new/demo supply and equipment to obtain immediate feedback to assist with purchasing decisions.

Finance in Collaboration with Clinical Manager:

  • Identifies and quantifies resources needed to support patient care activities in areas of assigned responsibility. Acts in a cost conscious manner taking into account the limitations of resources in order to maintain productivity standards.
  • Balances patient needs, quality, and cost effectiveness.
  • Manages and organizes work through objectives leading to goal attainment.


  • Maintains and seeks responsibility for self development.
  • Participates in hospital Leadership programs.
  • Networks with colleagues to share ideas, trends, and innovations in areas of responsibility.
  • Maintains membership and association in professional nursing organizations, incorporates standards into operations to keep current with community and national practice trends.
  • Shares knowledge and information with peers, other nursing leaders, and encourages changes in practice based on research and scientific principles.
  • Appropriately represents nursing and/or the hospital in the community.
  • Assists staff in developing professionally through pursuit of additional education, clinical ladder and certifications.
  • Seeks out opportunities for and supports community service activities.



Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing or accredited school of X-Ray Technology. For new candidates a BSN or equivalent is required upon hire or pursuing BSN or equivalent with anticipated graduation within 6 months. Preferred: Degree in Business Administration or interest in obtaining.


Minimum of three (3) years in Cath Lab or EP Lab. One (1) year experience in leadership or charge role. Preferred: Experience in both Cath Lab and EP Lab.


Demonstrated knowledge of nursing, healthcare, and organizational systems, and strategies. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in performance improvement theory and application. Knowledge of JCAHO standards and other external organizations related to healthcare evaluation and accreditation. Experience with the methodologies and processes related to organizational financial viability. Well-developed communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills. Familiarity with supply distribution, Excel, and basic budget management.


Graduate of an approved School of Nursing and Current RN licensure in the state of Ohio or Registered X-Ray Technologist in the state of Ohio. Membership in professional organizations is desirable. BSN or equivalent required, or within 6 months of position. Certification in area of specialty is required within 6 months of eligibility. BLS certification is required prior to patient contact.

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