Assistant Teacher-RN - Nursing - On-Site

Job Description

Provides optimal learning experiences for students in the Skills and Simulation Lab and in the classroom through skills practice, and clinical simulation. Contributes to the college's operational effectiveness through participation in governance and continuous evaluation of critical outcome measures. Reports directly to the Academic Dean, Nursing Education.


Implements and supervises skills and simulation lab learning experiences to facilitate students meeting clinical and course outcomes, utilizing faculty-provided guidelines.

• Procures, maintains and organizes materials and equipment as needed to provide a safe environment for the teaching and learning of clinical skills.

• Assists in the Inventory of skills and simulation lab equipment .

• Schedules and proctors patient care simulations for clinical skill acquisition

appropriate to and concurrent with specific course content.

• Reinforces teaching provided by course instructors.

• Evaluates student performance utilizing guidelines designed by course instructors.

• Maintains required documentation for each student as indicated by program or course


• Keeps abreast of the latest nursing procedures.

• Solves problems with equipment or simulation.

• Assists in tracking Skills and Simulation Lab statistics.

• Facilitates and encourages self-directed learning.

• Evaluates hours of operation in order to meet the learning needs of students.

• Communicates with faculty in order to support the instructional goals of the nursing


Participates in strategies to maintain high quality educational outcomes measured through annual NCLEX scores and student retention.

• Provides academic advising as appropriate and refers students to appropriate support


• Confers with Academic Dean, Nursing Education, regarding academic and/or

discipline issues.

• Coaches assigned students utilizing parameters of Proactive NCLEX Success Plan,

including review of standardized test results. .

• Effectively utilizes didactic and/or clinical strategies to foster student learning, as well

as Proactive NCLEX Success Plan, to obtain national and/or state benchmarks.

Participates in governance.

• Participates in nursing divisional and course meetings as needed.

• Attends meetings of the College Assembly.

• Attends assigned committee meetings as scheduled.

• Serves on task forces as assigned.

• Completes committee/task force assignments in a thorough, timely manner.

• Participates in determining and implementing academic and program policies/


Contributes to the operational effectiveness of the college.

• Attends required events such as Graduation, Orientation , etc

• Participates in activities that enhance overall effectiveness such as alumni activities,

community health events and community service activities.

• Contributes to developing strategies which improve quality initiatives such a

improved customer service, increased market share, improving cost effectiveness,


• Proactively participates in the development and evaluation of the college'

educational program.

• Assists with review and maintenance of health records for the college.

Role models professional growth and development.

• Maintains active membership in selected professional nursing organizations.

• Maintains active licensure(s) as required.

• Attends Faculty Development seminars/workshops and in-services.

• Maintains professional and legal standards in relation to client care, appearance and


• Seeks new learning opportunities through scholarly endeavors.

Performs other related duties as required, including but not limited to temporary

clinical coverage for nursing faculty and assisting in monitoring student health

record compliance.




• Completion of an approved professional nursing education program.

• A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (plans to actively pursue an advanced degree in nursing expected following appointment).


• Experience of at least two years in the practice of professional nursing is required.

• Teaching experience preferred.

• Membership in professional nursing organizations (expected following appointment).

• Participation in social and civic organizations (encouraged following appointment).



Current, active licensure as an RN in Ohio. BLS certification required.