Cardiac Technician - PRN

Job Description

Please state the main function of this position in one or two sentences.

Preparation and performance of electrocardiographic monitoring of the heart during stress, to evaluate patient cardiac function. To record electromotive activity of the heart and to evaluate cardiac status. To understand and implement concept and practices of Hospital's customer relations program.


Part 1

EXCELLENCE - We are committed to providing the highest quality service to meet the needs of our patients, employees, physicians and community. This commitment is reflected in all that we do.

- Chooses a positive attitude that conveys willingness to serve customers.

- Displays a professional, tasteful, neat and discreet appearance.

- Follows dress code policies (proper uniform and clothing, jewelry, perfume/scents.

- Displays identification badge properly at all times so that others can clearly see first and last name and photo.

- Shows pride in our facilities by maintaining a litter-free workplace.

- Adheres to the tobacco use restrictions policy to maintain a healthy environment for patients, employees, volunteers, physicians and visitors.

- Answers and returns calls promptly.

- Answers all calls by identifying the department and self and asks, \"How may I help you?\"

COMPASSION - We work to understand and exceed the diverse expectations of those we serve. We understand their most basic expectation is to be treated with courtesy, respect, empathy and dignity.

- Treats everyone as if he or she is the most important person in our facility.

- Maintains sensitivity to the diversity in our workforce and the community we serve.

- Resolves conflicts with co-workers, physicians, patients and families in a private, dignified manner.

- Uses common courtesy words such as \"please,\" \"thank you,\" \"excuse me\" and \"you're welcome\" to create a positive reputation for the hospital.

- Offers assistance if someone appears to need directions and helps them reach their destination.

- Demonstrates elevator etiquette, smiles and speaks to fellow passengers.

- Maintains strict confidentiality and adheres to the standards of compliance and Corporate Responsibility Program polices within the organization

EFFICIENCY - We persistently strive to provide timely and seamless access to services, resulting in high-quality outcomes, strong performance, increased satisfaction and a safe environment.

- Creates and ensures a safe, accident-free environment.

- Engages patients, families and visitors in safety processes.

- Actively participates in safety initiatives.

- Provides a comfortable atmosphere for patients and visitors who are waiting.

- Participates directly in the process of increasing patient satisfaction and looks for ways to create special moments for patients and families - Make It Happen!

- Uses service recovery techniques to make a negative situation a positive one.

- Delivers on commitments and meets deadlines.

- Takes ownership of problems as they arise and initiates timely solutions within the scope of authority or discusses solution with manager.

- Follows The Christ Hospital's time and attendance policy.

- Pursues learning and development opportunities to build knowledge and skills.

- Seeks opportunities to participate in employee engagement activities and employee celebrations

LEADERSHIP: We each play an integral role in the progression of the organization. Our words and actions serve as examples to guide others. As leaders, we must constantly grow and pave a path for others to do the same.

- Sets the example by doing what you say you will do.

- Supports and embraces changing conditions in a productive manner, while encouraging others to do the same.

- Assumes personal responsibility and accountability for getting work done.

- Promotes team goals and creates a trusting climate among others and within own department.

- Builds positive relationships with co-workers and is approachable to teammates.

- Works collaboratively within own and other departments.

- Fosters pride in the The Christ Hospital by demonstrating excellence, compassion, efficiency and leadership in day-to-day work.

SAFETY We use all resources at our disposal to ensure the safety of those we serve

Part 2

1. Electrocardiographic monitoring cardiac status and blood pressure during treadmill, bicycle, or drug induced stress testing.

a. Responsible for implementing customer relation standards to all


b. Observe Navicare for arrival of patients for scheduled test. Maintain

navigation of patients in system

c. Confirm physician's orders from Media Manager as required.

d. Preparation of patient, explanation of test and enters patient information

into Cardiant appropriately.

e. Responsible for obtaining signature of patient on consent form.

f. Responsible for cleaning, stocking and maintaining equipment

and work area.

g. Responsible for maintaining current CPR certification.

h. Responsible for retrieving previous test for comparison.

i. Test confirmation for GXT's with outpatients for next 2 days scheduled,

going over prep instructions with patient for scheduled test.

j. Burr cleaning and retrieval.

k. Responsible for maintaining an on time daily schedule and adapts

changing conditions.

i. Offers assistance to coworkers assuring all daily tasks are completed

before end of shift.

m. Accepts delegated tasks without complaints and is flexible with


2. Perform routine, stat, and emergency electrocardiograms (ECGs), and rhythm strips.

a. Responsible for implementing customer relations standards

to all customers.

b. Performance of technical quality at 90% or better.

c. Responsible for obtaining and checking accuracy of orders.

d. Responsible for verifying patient identification.

e. Responsible for accurately recording information on ECG

tracings. i.e. patient information/correct date and time

f. Responsible for cleaning, stocking, and maintaining equipt & work area.

g. Responsible for following up on all unmatched ECG's and orders.

3. Holter monitor hook-ups and removals.

a. Responsible for implementing customer relations standards to all customers.

b. Responsible for quality of 86% or better.

c. Responsible to accurately record information on diary, holter tracking sheet.

d. Responsible for obtaining and checking accuracy of charge requisition.

e. Responsible for verifying patient identification with charge requisition.

f. Responsible for removal of holter monitor.

g. Responsible for cleaning and maintaining work area and recorders.



Must be able to type 30 WPM.

6 months - 1 year ECG experience

EDUCATION: High School Graduate



BLS certification.

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