Cardiovascular Radiology Technologist - Electrophysiology - Full Time - Days

Job Description

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To provide continuous, comprehensive care to the adult and geriatric invasive cardiology and invasive peripheral and angiography patients, utilizing specialized knowledge, judgment, skills in compliance with standards of care and customer service standards. Performs angiographic procedures including invasive vascular treatments and examinations of the technical level consistent with optimal image quality. All care is provided based on the concepts inherent in the model of care for TCH which promotes an on-going partnership between patients and families and the team of healthcare providers. The care is culturally based and age specific.


Patient Care:

Demonstrates the skills to complete a holistic assessment of the patient's physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and education needs.

  • Understands signs and symptoms and data related to the patient's presenting needs.
  • Recognizes and appropriately reports to the physician and charge RN pertinent abnormal data and changes in the patient's condition.
  • Utilizes appropriate handoff methods to collaborate with other healthcare team members to communicate pertinent data regarding patient's physiological and psychological data.
  • Assesses patient, family, and environment for safety risks, proactively seeks out and performs safety initiatives.
  • Provides ongoing, individualized holistic patient and family education based on needs with the multidisciplinary team.
  • Demonstrates critical thinking upon review of physician orders, making appropriate referrals, & contacts other health team professionals.
  • Responds to emergency situations that require an immediate, controlled precision in a skillful manner.
  • Implements measures to prevent contamination and/or transmission of disease to include the use of appropriate protective devices and equipment to prevent injury and maintain a safe environment.
  • Functions related to scrubbing and assisting the physician
  • Functions as a scrub assistant to the cardiologist/ radiologist using the principles of sterile technique. Also aids in the technical performance of diagnostic/ interventional procedures in the cath lab and angiography.
  • Sets up sterile trays and all specialized equipment according to procedure being performed.
  • Maintains hemostasis of a vessel post procedure using a compression device, closure device or manual compression. Recognized the potential problems associated with insertion sites and takes appropriate corrective actions if indicated
  • Maintains competency on arterial and venous sheath removal techniques and groin management.

Radiation Safety:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of department policies regarding radiation safety while using x-ray equipment.
  • Provides proper radiation protection for patients, self and others (uses lead aprons, lead gloves and gonadal shielding when appropriate).
  • Properly screens all females in childbearing age as to possible pregnancy.
  • Properly wears radiation dosimetry badges, exchanges badges each month and reviews/ signs monthly dosimetry reports.

Functions Related to XRay

  • Operation and maintains all radiographic, digital, processing and viewing equipment associated with the production of high quality images and quantitative analysis of coronary/ peripheral anatomy so the cardiologist/ radiologist can properly diagnose and patients.
  • Verifies the operation of imaging equipment for all procedures and verifies the integrity of the equipment prior to the start of the procedure.
  • Transfers images and is able to create a CD after the cardiac cath or angiographic procedures. Completes all paperwork associated with the documentation of the procedure and charges incurred. (Vericis and Pacs systems).
  • Able to pull archived films and load media from prior procedures and have them available for physician viewing.
  • Maintains a thorough knowledge of the operation and maintenance of all diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and products used for procedures to ensure it's accuracy and safety. Should be able to troubleshoot to a reasonable degree all equipment used within the lab.
  • Loads and programs pressure injector according to parameters established for each procedure.


  • Procedural and patient informationNursing process is accurately and concisely documented in the patient's electronic medical record to include EPIC and Heartsuites, reflecting the plan of care as implemented by the patient, family, and multidisciplinary team.
  • Documents information in a timely manner, according to hospital policy, to include the plan of care, accurate updates, teaching, and the patients' and family response to care.
  • Provides physiologic monitoring during cardiac catheterization and peripheral angiographic procedures.
  • Recognizes and records pressure waveforms and determines values of these pressures for physician interpretation, including variance due to technical or physiologic conditions or errors, and how to correct them if possible.
  • Recognizes various EKG waveforms and arrhythmias. Updates the cardiologists of any changes during diagnostic/ interventional procedures, including life threatening arrhythmias, ischemic changes and injury patterns.
  • Leadership - Demonstrates leadership skills such as the ability to motivate, educate, delegate, and mentor peers and other members of the healthcare team while effectively managing the care of patients and family members.
  • Acts as a resource and educator for multidisciplinary team members and students, continuously evaluating and documenting competency.

Professional Development - Assumes responsibility and accountability for professional growth and development. Contributes to the professional development of peers, colleagues and others.

  • Participates in 75% of staff meetings and 75% of council meetings as appropriate. Participates in council activities and task forces to improve competencies of self, co-workers, and staff members related to patient care.
  • Supports self and peers in professional growth and development utilizing resources and opportunities within and outside of The Christ Hospital. Acts as a resource, educator and preceptor for staff and nursing students.
  • Maintains competency in POC (point of care) testing for unit specific practice.
  • Completes all educational requirements to maintain competency related to specific population of patient and/or regulatory agencies (Healthstream education 100% on-time completion and attendance for annual education day). Submits required tests and paperwork in a timely manner without management interventions.
  • Participates in self and peer review activities to include the positive recognition of peers and staff on a regular basis.
  • Participation in professional advancement program is encouraged.
  • Prepares for certification specific to work area of professional practice when eligible.
  • Participation in chosen professional organizations, conferences and research is encouraged.
  • Participates in performance improvement initiatives.
  • Participation in community service activities is encouraged.
  • Participation in research activities is encouraged.

Productivity: Understands factors related to cost and effective outcomes when planning and implementing patient care.

  • Initiates care in a timely manner, manages workload effectively.
  • Understands and maintains awareness of fiscal responsibility by utilizing staff, time, equipment, and supplies appropriately.


  • Evidence exists that The Christ Hospital staff considers the special needs and behaviors of the specific patient populations served, associates demonstrate those competencies that address the unique characteristics related to developmental, physical, psychosocial, mental, emotional, and social needs of patients across the life span. Employees are able to demonstrate those competencies that address the needs of patients with unique cultural norms, religious preferences, language, communication barriers, literacy issues, and health literacy limitations.



  • Graduate of a comprehensive course from an accredited school of Radiological Technology.

Years of Experience:

  • 1-2 years previous experience in their field.

Required Skills and Knowledge:

  • Good understanding of cardiovascular and peripheral anatomy.
  • Responsible for meeting individual education and training requirements.
  • Participates in on-call coverage as job requires.
  • Possesses a high level of professionalism and the ability to establish good relationship with patients, staff and physicians.
  • Able to perform duties with minimal supervision.
  • The Radiology Technologist demonstrates the knowledge, abilities, and skills to provide age and culturally specific patient care and education.
  • The Radiology Technologist effectively communicates with peers, utilizes appropriate channels of communication and maintains absolute confidentiality.
  • The Radiology Technologist maintains competence and demonstrates evidence of continuing professional growth.
  • The Radiology Technologist demonstrates the ability to accept and implement change and the ability to work in a culturally diverse setting.

Licenses and Certifications:

  • Registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT)
  • Valid Ohio Radiologic License, required
  • Current BLS certification and ACLS within 1 year of employment

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