Clinical Laboratory Assistant/Phlebotomist - Part Time - Evenings

Job Description

Collects specimens from patients, performs basic pre-analytic processing of specimens and distributes specimens to testing areas; also performs clerical and miscellaneous duties.


Obtains blood specimens by Venipuncture or skin puncture.

  • Follows proper patient identification protocols
  • Follows established blood collection protocols.
  • Demonstrates a high level of skill (minimal can't gets, recollects, blood culture contamination rate, etc.)
  • Demonstrates excellent knowledge of blood collection fundamentals (anatomy, theory, etc.)
  • Prioritizes workload, collects samples in a timely manner, and ensures timely transit of samples to laboratory.
  • Understands special collection techniques (on ice, foil wrap, special tubes (trace metals, etc.)
  • Follows proper collection for blood cultures, with minimal contamination rates.
  • Provides support for PCA floors in collection of can't gets and other recollects.
  • Performs training and assessment for new hires.
  • Assists co-workers in problem resolution.

Performs pre-analytical processing.

Core processing functions

  • Collection verifies specimens in a timely manner with minimal errors
  • Preforms pre-analytic processing such as centrifuging samples, basic aliquoting as necessary with minimal errors
  • Processes samples in a timely manner, giving highest priority to stat samples
  • Distributes samples to the correct work area in a timely manner, ensuring that stat samples are separated from non-stat samples
  • Performs daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance and performance checks on departmental equipment as assigned and performs other routine maintenance (housekeeping, safety, etc) in the department.
  • Creates a transit list and prepares samples for transit to reference labs
  • Find patient information using Patient Inquiry.
  • Utilize Status Change to reprint labels or identify status related information.
  • Performs training and assessment for new hires.
  • Assists co-workers in problem resolution.
  • Pulls transit list summary for samples and resolves outstanding issues

Computer Applications

  • Performs result entry for entry of patient height and weight and 24 hr. urine volume; enters bleeding time result information.
  • Admits patients into the LIS via Patient Demographics module
  • Appropriately manages Computer downtime and reconciliation.
  • Manages order entry for samples when received with a requisition.
  • Reviews transit pool order monitor to insure timely transport of samples to the reference lab.

Special Processing functions

  • Microbiology Samples - ensures: appropriate sample type has been collected; test is appropriately ordered and labeled and resolves discrepancies before sending sample to reference lab
  • 24 Hour Urine Samples - ensures: Volume for each samples is accurately measured and recorded; enter height and weight requirement as needed, prepares aliquot sample for in house or reference lab testing, insuring sufficient volume is provided; adjusts pH as required for testing, or adds necessary preservative materials.
  • Fluid Samples - ensures:
    • CSF samples are collection verified and delivered to the hematology bench for assessment of testing. Depending on how the testing is divided processes sample using proper protocols for in house testing or to be sent to reference lab.
    • Non -CSF fluids are assessed, properly aliquoted and delivered to the Hematology bench
  • Special Coagulation samples - ensures: appropriate samples have been collected; processes samples according to testing requirements (e.g., double centrifugation following special instructions); Stores in appropriate temperature environment.
  • Handles miscellaneous test orders. Checks to see if the test being ordered has an existing code. If so, cancels the misc and orders the appropriate code. Ensures specimen requirements for the test have been met by checking resources below and processes appropriately.
  • Understands how to use the resources available to work problems, assists customers with questions, etc. Resources include lab test catalogue, reference lab website, various SOP's and catalogues.

Reference Lab Sample responsibilities

  • Knows how to "walk Samples in".
  • Pulls missing samples list and works
  • Pap samples; cytology and pathology samples


  • Understands operation of the Automate front end processing unit
  • Routinely performs scheduled maintenance
  • Is able to troubleshoot instrument issues
  • Manages and resolves "exception" samples that the instrument does not process.

Performs clerical duties.

  • Answers phone promptly in a courteous manner, identifying oneself to the caller. Uses proper pronunciation of medical terms.
  • Handles phone requests with a minimum of call transfers

Assists with collection of bone marrow specimens.

  • Follows established collection protocols
  • Follows proper patient identification protocols
  • Insures adequacy of sample by inspection for spicules
  • Makes slides of the marrow sample, insuring proper labeling of samples and then stains the slides.
  • Performs touch prep of the core sample
  • Assists with collection of additional testing which might be required.
  • Handles problems encountered in an appropriate manner

Maintains currency in the field through participation in continuing education opportunities.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.


High school diploma or GED required; completion of formal phlebotomy training program or equivalent is preferred.


Minimum of one year experience as a Asst - Lab I

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Ability to read and comprehend written information required; ability to effectively and efficiently perform a variety of job duties in a stressful, fast paced environment is required; Phlebotomy skills preferred; keyboarding skills preferred.

Superior time management, planning and organization skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Critical thinking skills to support quality decision-making

Working knowledge of basic computer applications, such as word and excel


Phlebotomy certification preferred

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