Clinical Research-RN - Full Time - Days

Job Description

This position will be scheduled approximately 40 hours per week at our Lindner Research Center located at 2123 Auburn Ave, Suite 424, Cincinnati, OH 45219.

Facilitates the start-up of clinical projects in an acute care/inpatient/outpatient setting, (ED, Cath Lab, EP Lab, ICU/step down area, Operating Room, Physician Office). Assists in project initiation, which includes educating physicians and hospital staff, implementing study protocol assignments, facilitating patient enrollment and follow-up. Assures protocol compliance, reports to the study Sponsor, and coordinates study participation with the patient's clinical health plan. The goal is to complete each clinical trial with required enrollment, retention of subjects, and accurate data in accordance with FDA guidelines. Must be proficient in critical care skills and able to assist with procedures in the various critical care/specialty areas. The RN will need to have a willingness to learn innovative procedures such as the preparation and administration of stem cells, the use of investigational devices and the administration of investigational medications.


1. Responsible for project management and implementation of study protocols.

• Assists the Operational Managers and Assistant Director in the initiation and maintenance of protocols. Strategically plans the study flow and creates outlines and source documents.

• Responsible for the training of research staff members, physicians and ancillary hospital healthcare professionals on study related procedures.

• Adjusts information aids, standing orders, study outlines when amendments to the protocols occur.

• Consents patients, verifies inclusion/exclusion criteria, facilitates testing and procedures, and coordinates patient visits to meet protocol requirements.

• Must be familiar with the policies and procedures of other hospital departments, i.e., OR, Cath Lab, EP Lab, ICU, ED and telemetry units.

• Performs procedures and collects data in the ED, Cath Lab, EP Lab, ICU/step down area, physician office, O.R. and other required area

• Assists physicians and ancillary hospital staff with procedures and data collection on sub-studies associated with project.

• Professionally represents the principal investigator and research center at Investigator Meetings and training sessions.

• Accurately maintains Case Report Forms (CRFs) and source documentation.

• Submits serious adverse events (SAEs) to the IRB and sponsor per established guidelines.

• Responsible for accountability during monitoring visits, sponsor audits, and FDA audits.

• Fulfills on call duties related to study procedures.

2. Coordinates project management and patient activities to provide compliance.

• Serves as the contact for physicians, nurses and other ancillary hospital staff to assure that all research and related clinical needs are achieved.

• Verifies that patients are scheduled appropriately for follow up evaluations per protocol guidelines.

• Responsible for educating patients on the scientific objectives of the study as well as to the importance of compliance with follow-up.

• Maintain control of drug/device inventory and validate storage at the appropriate temperature.

• Guides the primary care physician in facilitating good protocol compliance and clinical patient care through awareness of protocol objectives and design.

• Makes recommendations on how to facilitate special or acute needs of patients.

• Assists the screening team with patient consenting and performs reconsenting as necessary.

• Fulfills IRB/FDA and protocol expectations.

3. Facilitates and maintains high patient enrollment and participation in research protocols.

• Encourages new patient enrollment by identifying potential research patients, discussing the protocols with physicians and communicating this information to the screeners to facilitate the process.

• Works collaboratively with the physicians, hospital staff, patients, family, and study sponsors to implement research procedures to promote optimal outcomes.

• Alerts operational managers and physicians of possible patient withdrawal or continuance issues immediately in order to implement a plan that will encourage compliance with follow-up.

• Provides ongoing education to the patient and family members on the risks/benefits of the study in an effort to develop rapport and encourage compliance.

4. Participates directly in patient care duties associated with projects.

• Requires case management skills to assist the patient with financial aid in order to obtain medication, medical care or transportation.

• Possesses a diverse knowledge base and is proficient in critical care nursing skills and procedures.

• Continual assessment of patients to evaluate the outcomes of the use of the investigational drug/device.

• Maintains accurate awareness of all clinical projects within the research center.

• Utilizes critical thinking skills when executing protocol procedures to maintain patient safety.

• Guides the physician in protocol compliance while making recommendations on how to facilitate special or acute needs of the patient.

5. Performs other related duties as required or requested.

• Assures that the research center's needs are recognized and cooperatively met and action is taken as required to obtain desired outcomes.

• Assists non-RN staff with any clinical tasks or decision making duties.

• On-call responsibilities as required that includes 2 weekday nights per month and one weekend every three months.

• Assists in training of new staff as needed.

• Demonstrates enthusiasm in the job.



EDUCATION: RN Diploma degree or Associates in Nursing required, BSN preferred, BSN must be obtained within 5 years of date of hire. .

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 3-5 years critical care experience required with 3 years clinical research and FDA/IRB regulations operations preferred.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Photocopier, fax equipment, computer, all medical equipment appropriate to research, and strong organizational skills. Excellent communication skills, all essential patient care equipment and duty knowledge.


Licensed and Registered by the State of Ohio as a Registered Nurse.

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