Director, Safety and Emergency Management

Job Description

The Director has the responsibility for the strategic development and implementation of a network wide plan that includes The Christ Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences and all network locations for the provision of environmental safety support services & standards of practice; including an effective ongoing programs to measure, assesses, and improve the quality of safety, security and emergency management services delivered. Included in that is the oversight to assure and maintain a safe healthy work environment for all patients, personnel and property. The Director shall develop, implement, and direct these ongoing comprehensive network wide public safety, security and emergency management programs, while maintaining standards for compliance with OSHA, EPA, TJC, CMS, ODH, Higher Learning Commission and other regulatory agencies as they related to the network, city, region, state and federal requirements..


Public Safety Duties and Responsibilities

1. Plans, develops and implements the Security Program and parking regulations for patients, staff and visitors

2. Provide strong environmental safety and security management leadership through the Environment of Care Safety Committee, continuing to review/revise hospital safety and security management policies and procedures.

3. Implements loss prevention and other security procedures, as necessary.

4. Coordinates with other department heads regarding safety/security standards and revisions to regulatory standards.

5. Reviews incident and inspection reports. Identifies trends in incident causation and recommends, implements corrective action as required.

6. Monitors compliance with existing, revised and new safety and security requirements, recommending or implementing best practices when appropriate.

7. Identify systems and operational problems/concerns, proposing solutions.

8. Develops policies and procedures related to safety and security or review and implementation.

9. Ensures that regular drills in the following areas: fire, infant and pediatric abduction, active shooter, emergency disasters and evacuation drills. are conducted to ensure preparedness across the network and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

10. Reviews Safety and Security programs. Directs the timely preparation of periodic statistical reports which accurately reflect the effectiveness of safety programs and services. Implements corrective actions for those areas that are not in line with benchmarks.

11. Plans and budgets for the acquisition of new or replacement equipment to keep the department operating in an effective manner.

12. Reviews construction plans, provides recommendations regarding fire, safety and security functional areas and equipment.

13. Coordinates with other departments regarding safety, security and emergency management related issues and activities.

Emergency Management

1. Develops, coordinates and supervises the implementation and maintenance of the comprehensive Emergency Management chapter of Joint Commission's Environment of Care safety program designed to prevent injury, occupational illness and damage to property during periods of disaster emergencies.

2. Ensures organization is in compliance with all CMS Conditions of Participation related to emergency management.

3. Provides leadership in the design, coordination and implementation of emergency preparedness plans, procedures.

4. Investigates, researches, and make recommendations and oversees the implementation of best practices with respect to emergency management.

5. Serves as Chairperson of the Disaster Planning Committee.

6. Monitors compliance with existing and new Emergency Management requirements.

7. Identifies systems and operational problems and implements proposed solutions to as approved by senior management.

8. Maintains and updates hazard vulnerability analysis, including mitigation and emergency response.

9. Serves as the hospital's representative on local, state and federal committees and task forces that focus on issues of hospital and emergency management.

10. Provides training recommendations to the Disaster Committee and Administration related to Emergency Management.

11. Works with the Health Collaborative and local, state, and federal agencies to help design, develop, coordinate and implement plans and preparedness drills.

Administrative/Departmental Leadership

1. Analyzes periodically the work load and the Human Resource requirements for the department.

2. Communicates and administers personnel programs and procedures for the department in accordance with approved policies.

3. Directs the planning, organization, and execution of the interview and hiring process for open positions in the department.

4. Plans, delegates, and controls work assignments/special projects in the department.

5. Establishes specific work goals or quantitative and qualitative standards, to be achieved by subordinates.

6. Trains, develops, and motivates subordinates to improve their present performance and to prepare for higher-level jobs.

7. Determines significant changes in responsibilities and major tasks of subordinates by reviewing their job responsibilities on a regular basis.

8. Reviews salaries of those in the department and recommends changes when warranted.

9. Evaluates the performance results of subordinates. Discusses with each person the present and past performance.

10. Maintains discipline and recommend corrective action as warranted.

Other Duties

1. Directs the planning, organizing and execution of parking operations.

2. Prepares parking policies and procedures for optimum utilization of the garage.

3. Performs other duties as assigned.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: College graduate with bachelor's degree in Safety/Security Management and/or Business Administration.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 5 years previous hospital safety/security management experience necessary. Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA), Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) preferred.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Ability to manage resources and personnel. Knowledge of laws, regulations and codes dealing with Joint Commission, the criminal code, environmental and safety matters. Broad experience in the application of loss prevention practices.

Knowledge of Joint Commission standards and other external organizations related to healthcare and healthcare related safety, security, emergency management and accreditation.

Well-developed communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills.


Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA), Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) preferred.

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