Endoscopy Technician - Full Time - Days

Job Description

To assist nursing staff by cleaning equipment, preparing rooms for procedures, transporting patients, assisting patients to dress or undress for procedures, stocking work areas and procedure rooms, assisting RN in transporting specimens, obtaining necessary supplies from Central Service and other duties as needed.



1) Orients patient and family to the hospital environment and services provided.

2) Transports patients to procedure room and assures patient is comfortable and oriented to surroundings; call light in reach. Remains with patient until floor personnel get patient.

3) Facilitates patient/family information and communication through visitor's lounge/volunteer desk.

4) Communicates pertinent patient information:

a) Written communication is accurate, concise and timely.

b) Shares pertinent patient information.

c) Phone is carried and working at all times.

d) Supports unit clerical functions.

5) Maintains communication regarding patient care needs among all team members.

Environment and Safety

1) Ensures beds are in appropriate position and locked at all times.

2) Ensures that side rails remain in up position and locked at all times.

3) Ensures that needed articles, including call light are within reach.

4) Maintains safety while assisting patients in moving, sitting or ambulating.

5) Discharges outpatients.

6) Ensures that patients are secured appropriately when transported by wheelchair/stretcher.

7) Applies safety devices and documents according to hospital policy.

8) Handles oxygen tanks safely.

9) Assists with stocking of rooms with linens and medical supplies. Uses proper bo y mechanics.

10) Keeps unit clean and orderly

11) Infection control: uses good hand washing and aseptic technique, utilizes universal precautions; adheres to isolation procedures, keeps unit clean, removes equipment from room when no longer in use.

12) Safety hazards are corrected and/or reported to the appropriate person; location of all fire alarms, extinguisher and hoses are known.

13) Returns to unit promptly in case of patient emergency, fire or disaster and reports to person in charge.

14) Assures necessary equipment is available; picks up and delivers equipment and facilitate proper room turnover.

15) Removes soiled linens, disinfects stretchers and equipment and replaces linens on stretchers.

16) Cleans and packages equipment to be sterilized and delivers to Central Supply.


1) Performs aspects of clinical care as assigned and instructed as delegated by RN.

2) In order to report pertinent observations to RN, demonstrates working knowledge of reasons for tests, procedures, treatment and potential signs and symptoms of complications.

3) Performs clinical procedures only under the supervision of an RN who has assessed the patient and determined appropriate tasks for delegation.

4) Performs skills only after demonstrating competency as documented on the Clinical Performance Record (CPR).

a) Monitors and observation

- Takes VS (temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure)

- Obtains pulse oximetry (where applicable) and reports reading to RN

- Makes observations as instructed by clinical for adverse reactions to blood transfusions.

b) Special Collection - documentation in specimen log book time taken to Pathology, Cytology or Lab.

c) Treatment and Procedures

- Weighs patient standing

d) Acts rapidly and calmly during emergencies, initiates CPR and provides the necessary items required by clinician.

e) Discontinues IV at the direction of the RN.

5) Utilizes time management skills effectively in all aspects of patient care.

a) Provides effective care by prioritizing patient needs.

b) Runs errands as directed and picks up daily Central Service supplies.

c) Picks up patient trays as ordered by physician.

Unit Responsibilities/Accountability

1) Serves as positive role model; maintains a positive attitude.

2) Attendance is prompt and regular.

3) Interpersonal follow through self and others is timely and appropriate.

4) Participates in unit governance activities.

5) Responds to scheduling responsibilities with timeliness.

6) Utilizes the time and attendance system appropriately.

7) Contributes to unit performance improvement activities.

8) Evaluations are conducted and discussed with supervisor.

9) In-services and unit meetings are attended.

10) Maintains the integrity of unit equipment (clean, repairs, QA).

11) Completes unit assignments as requested.


1) Cleans disinfects, dries and maintains Endoscopy equipment per established protocol.

2) Responsible for checking for scope damage by performing leak test.

3) Notifies charge nurse of instruments needing repair.

4) Responsible for stocking and cleaning work area.

5) Follows hospital policy by wearing personal protective devices.

6) Maintains scheduled filter changes and disinfects scope washers as directed by manufacturer.

7) Responsible for maintaining competencies in scope cleaning.8) .

Assists with Procedures and Patient Care

1) Assists with setting up equipment for next procedure

2) Transports patient to and from procedure room.

3) Responsible for stocking procedure rooms.

4) Responsible for attaching proper monitoring devices on all patients.

5) Takes pre-procedure vital signs on patients; documents vital signs and care provided on nursing care forms.

6) Assists patients in dressing and undressing for procedures and in securing belongings in lockers.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: High School Graduate or GED

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: One (1) year of patient care experience.

One - two (1-2) years endoscopy experience preferred at PCA or TECH level.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Excellent communication and manual dexterity skills required.


BLS Certification preferred.

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