Environmental Services Technician - Full Time - Days

Job Description

To provide a clean, safe sanitary and appealing environment at The Christ Hospital


All duties and responsibilities of an Environmental Services Tech II

1. Always promotes patient safety.

2. Able to clean patient rooms and discharges as required.

3. Is knowledgeable of all ESI chemicals and procedures.

4. Provides excellent customer service to patients, visitors and staff.

Routine floor maintenance.

1. Is knowledgeable of and trained in the use and maintenance of floor machines, Boost technology, auto-scrubbers and automatic burnishers.

2. Follows the guidelines for dust mopping, wet mopping and spot mopping hard surface corridors in addition to the heavier equipment above.

Floor Stripping and refinishing

1. Has experience in and properly prepares floors for refinishing to include stripping and scrubbing surfaces.

2. Details prepared surfaces including edges and corners, behind doors, and cove base.

3. Knows when floor is ready for finish and how to apply the proper number of coats based on the floor preparation.

4. Always cleans equipment and disposes of unused product in a safe manner according to department policy.

5. Follows all safety protocol to protect self and others in the area.

Carpet spotting and cleaning.

1. Knows how to clean carpet surfaces using proper spotting technique and correct chemicals for the needed equipment.

2. Has knowledge of vacuum sweepers, cleaners, floor machines and various types of extractors.

3. Always cleans equipment and disposes of unused product in a safe manner according to department policy.

4. Follows all safety protocol to protect self and others in the area.

Trash Hauling.

1. Must have the ability to learn all areas of trash removal and trash routes for pushing gondolas of trash.

2. All gondolas are to be covered whenever in transit, whether empty or full.

3. Must be able to learn to use a steam autoclave and shredder for bio trash and have the ability to read graphs and record weights and temperatures.

4. Follows department procedures for correct PPE and safety.


1. Is aware of and follows hospital policy and federal regulations regarding patient confidentiality.

2. Is tested annually on Safety and Confidentiality.

Basic Computer Knowledge.

1. Ability to learn MS Office Outlook for emails.

2. Ability to take and pass required annual Stat Tests.

Other tasks as required including meeting set-ups and recycling.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma or GED preferred

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 2 years' experience including floor care required


Basic reading, writing, and math skills required.

Basic healthcare housekeeping customer service skills required.

Use of floor equipment as defined in duties and responsibilities required.

Knowledge of computers preferred, but not required.


CHEST certification within 1 year preferred, but not required.

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