Genetic Counselor Supervisor

Job Description

The primary role for the Genetic Counseling Supervisor is to provide leadership in the Precision Health Program (PHP), supervise and mentor genetic counselors I-IV, provide supervision and career development for genetic counselors and genetic counseling assistants, and expand the reach of Precision Health throughout TCHHN. In addition to supervision, mentorship and leadership within PHP, and recruiting/supervising new hires, the Genetic Counselor Supervisor will provide direct patient care for hereditary cancer, prenatal/preconception genetics, and/or hereditary cardiovascular indications. Direct patient care roles may include assessing patient disease risk; educating patients, providers, students, and community; ordering genetic tests; and interpreting genetic test results. This role will supervise and work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team.

Additional roles: attend tumor boards, case conferences, and meetings with healthcare providers as needed for clinical specialty; provide expertise to committees within TCHHN (Precision Health Subcommittee, Cancer Committee, High Risk Cancer SOP Committee, etc.); maintain genetic standards for accreditation programs; data tracking, and reporting of results; communicate ideas for department growth and improvement with with Executive Director; develop plans for growth and implementation of Precision Health within and beyond TCHHN with Precision Health Executive Director; provide education to healthcare providers about genetics/precision medicine through presentations; provide education/outreach to patients through community support programs and TCHHN marketing opportunities; supervise graduate genetic counseling students in their clinical rotations; create/update marketing materials for Precision Health/Genetic Counseling at TCHHN. Holding a leadership role in state or national genetic counselor organization desirable.


Attends tumor boards, case conferences, and additional meetings as needed as part of patient care and to promote program awareness.

uccessfully demonstrates genetic counseling competency in accordance with the American Board of Genetic Counseling's Practice-Based Competencies. Read more HERE .

Domain I: Genetics Expertise and Analysis

Domain II: Interpersonal, Psychosocial and Counseling Skills

Domain III: Education

Domain IV: Professional Development & Practice

Provide supervision and mentorship to genetic counselors and genetic counseling assistants; perform supervisory tasks for genetic counselors and genetic counseling assistants.

Supervise quality improvement projects, data tracking, and other projects within Precision Health. Develop and support plans for department growth. Maintain genetics standards for program accreditation.

Promote education by supervising the training of genetic counseling graduate students and residents rotating through the Precision Medicine Program.

Develop and implement education seminar/community outreach; supervise/provide mentorship for graduate student research projects, write case reports, supervise large research projects.


KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: In the sections below, please minimum education/training (degrees, certifications, and licenses) necessary to enter the job. Provide the minimum job-related, and industry experience necessary to enter the job. Be specific about what qualifications/skills are required to handle the responsibilities of the job.

EDUCATION: Master's Degree from an American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) accredited genetic counseling training program. Education and/or experience in precision health and pharmacogenomics is preferred but not required.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE : 5+ years of experience as a genetic counselor, particularly in oncology, cardiology, prenatal/preconception.


  • Experience with adult oncology genetic counseling desired.
  • Experience with cardiovascular genetic counseling desired.
  • Experience with prenatal/preconception testing and genetic counseling desired.
  • Prior supervision/managerial experience desired.

LICENSES REGISTRATIONS &/or CERTIFICATIONS : Yes ☒ No ☐ If Yes, first list licenses, then registrations and then certifications in table below. List any certifications and licenses required to perform this position.

REQUIRED (e.g. RN in state employed)

"X" if LIC. PREFERRED (e.g. Dietitian in state employed) "X" if LIC. ABGC Board Certification X Licensed by State of Ohio Medical Board X Licensed by State of Kentucky Medical Board Licensed by State of Indiana Medical Board

Other Credentials Required or Preferred:

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