Health Unit Coordinator - Joint and Spine - Part Time - Days

Job Description

Greet visitors and assist them as needed. Provides the clerical support to the clinical team in carrying out the daily functions of patient care. This position provides the pivotal communication link for processing information/requests to and from patients, staff, visitors, physicians, and other departments or agencies. Has responsibility for initiating and/or ensuring the data entry of patient related functions/ processes, as well as the management (maintenance) of the medical record and its related forms, documents, from admission to discharge. Communication is culturally based and age-specific.

HUC Trainer: Provides on-boarding for all TCH new hire HUCS.



1. Receptionist - Meets and Greets Patients/Visitors/Staff. Answers phone promptly and politely.

2. Facilitates patient/family information and communication through visitor's lounge/volunteer desk. Communicates patient room numbers and time for transport to room. Accountable to ensures family update phone is attended.

3. Maintains Admit/discharge logs (daily OR schedule).

4. Communicates with various departments inside the hospital in a professional, cooperative manner.

5. Serves as a resource for location of supplies and medical records.

6. Communicates with physicians regarding patient PCA orders.

7. Adheres to all departmental and hospital customer (ExCEL) service standards.

8. Call for STATs.

9. Appropriately complete consults in Epic.

Computer Responsibilities

1. Timely admission, transfer and discharge of patients.

2. Maintains a manual order entry system according to appropriate downtime procedure (SRO, BCA Web, and BCA Standalone Downtimes).

3. Prepare requisitions for services (i.e. maintenance requests, clinical engineering, etc).

4. Enters/records unit based charges as appropriate.

5. Resource for physicians in need of assistance with EPIC.

6. Audits/reports daily including family updates that are directed by the Manager of the department.

7. Ensures computers are locked in the evening, in working order.

Chart Responsibilities

1. Ensures charts are organized.

2. Ensures sufficient patient labels.

3. Inputs all chargeable items.

4. Ensure stickers are in appropriate locations (i.e. fall risk, isolation stickers on front of chart).

5. Copies written orders of medical records and faxes to pharmacy.

6. Charts of all discharged patients to SDS.


1. Monitors tube system.

2. Routine maintenance for fax, copier, printer, etc.

3. Order, verify, and put away supplies and equipment. Maintains an appropriate volume of departmental supplies per manager discretion.

4. Typing and filing for unit (not patient record).

5. Courier as needed (run errands). Collects supplies as needed for care.

6. Other duties as delegated by RN. Provides warm blankets, comfort measures, ice, picks up tray, assists with transportation to minimize patient discomfort and ensure safety of the patient.

7. Enter Plant Maintenance Work Requisitions as needed.

8. Notifies Clinical Engineering for malfunctioning equipment as needed.

9. Completes all unit assignments as requested, ie. stocking, PCA's, IV poles.

10. Charge phone batteries.

11. Periodically check fax machine for incoming faxes (give stat results directly to the RN immediately).

12. Maintains printer, copiers, and fax machines, prescription printer.

13. Ensures PACU organized.

Leadership and Professional Development

1. Health stream on time.

2. Mentors new staff, volunteers, Student helpers, PCA's to ensure patient/family satisfaction.

Employee Responsibility

1. Adheres to established standards in personal appearance and conduct.

a. Dress code is followed.

b. Conduct is consistent with the rules outlined in the Employee Handbook.

c. Attendance is prompt and regular. Notifies Charge Nurse and Manager of absence within 1 hour of shift. Leaves Manage message with reason of absence.

2. Seeks opportunities to increase competence in job duties such as:

a. Attending and contributing to unit meetings/in-services.

b. Attending education day and demonstrating competency in the required testing.

3. Serves as a positive role model - maintains a positive attitude.

4. Interpersonal follow through with self and others is timely and appropriate.

5. Participates in unit governance activities as indicated.

6. Responds to scheduling responsibilities with timeliness.

7. Utilizes the time and attendance system appropriately.

8. Contributes to unit performance activities.

9. Participates in peer review process.

10. In-services and unit meetings are attended or minutes read.

11. Appropriately assists staff in patient medical emergencies.

12. Follows chain of command.

Population Served:

Evidence exists that The Christ Hospital Staff considers the special needs and behaviors of the specific patient populations served. Evidence also exists that shows the staff demonstrates those competencies that address the unique characteristics related to developmental, physical, psychosocial, mental, emotional, and social needs of patients across the life span. Associates should also be able to demonstrate those competencies that address the needs of patients with unique cultural norms, religious preferences, language/communication barriers and/or literacy limitation



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: High School graduate or GED

If additional direct Patient Care Assistant (PCA) responsibilities are assigned, a) needs to complete (80) hours of state-tested nurse aide training, (40) hours of acute medical/ surgical training, specialty, and hospital-specific training, or b) the Health Unit Coordinator may be a student from an NLN accredited program who has completed (1) medical/surgical rotation.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: *HUC Trainer: Previous HUC experience of 3 years.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Competent in reading at the 9th grade level and in math at the 7th grade level as demonstrated on a nationally normed test. Typing at 25 words per minute. Able to pass pre-hire basic computer literacy test. Skills with medical terminology preferred. Ability and willingness to work within a team and accept delegated duties.


Health Unit Coordinator certification preferred. Certification in American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers preferred.