Heart and Vascular Program Coordinator-RN - Full Time - Days

Job Description

The Program Coordinator is a registered nurse who applies clinical expertise in an evidence-based practice. Applies concepts derived from management and communication theory, group dynamics and clinical judgment to implement the program. Integrates care with multidisciplinary team (within the hospital, practice and in the community) to facilitate patient care from initial presentation until discharge from the program.

1. Clinical Expert/Consultant: Demonstrates or supports implementations of nursing process for the programs patients. Recognized advisor sought out for clinical expertise related to the programs disease state.

2. Educator: Evaluates competency of clinical staff (inside and outside of the hospital), patients, family members, physicians, and community health resources related to the care of the patients within the program.

3. Researcher: Functions as a liaison between the Lindner Center, physician and patient to screen and assist in research enrollment and follow up.

4. Case Manager: Functions as case manager for all the programs patients from time of referral to discharge back to the primary care physician and/or primary cardiologist.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Actively promotes improved relationships between patients, nursing staff, internal and external customers resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

6. Leader: Demonstrates professional contribution to and collaboration with the interdisciplinary team and Program Manager. Excellent communication and computer skills required.

7. Safety: Adheres to all policies and procedures; makes sound decisions and demonstrates ability to handle situations not covered by written or verbal instructions. Monitoring patient medications, reaction, labs and adherence.


Interview and screens patients prior to and during clinic appointments within scope of practice. Collaborate with Patient Financial Representatives regarding insurance coverage.

Provide education to patient and family; serve as primary resource when discharged back to PCP or primary cardiologist.

Provide support and education, via phone or hands-on, to nursing staff and other health professionals regarding patient care, its implications for the patient. Be responsible to carry communication devices (pager) to provide support

Maintains a database to track patients, testing and treatments to provide reports to medical teams, TCH, and others as requested. Review database for trends and opportunity areas within the program.

Provide support and education, via phone or hands-on, to office/hospital nursing staff and other health professionals regarding the program and its patients.

Work in collaboration with the Marketing team to promote the program and capitalize on areas of opportunity for referrals.

Coordinate testing for patients, including forms completion and computer entry.

Perform other related duties as assigned.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.


Preferred BSN degree.


Two years of recent clinical nursing experience as a Registered Nurse including two years in cardiology.


Knowledge of computers and regulatory agency reporting requirements. Previous experience in developing education materials and providing education to various populations, both patient and professional. Excellent communication skills. Demonstrates and models compassionate behavior to patients, staff, and the community.


RN licensed in the State of Ohio required. Must hold or be able to obtain and maintain BLS certifications.

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