Hybrid Financial Counselor Associate - Full Time - Days

Job Description

The oncology patient advocate provides financial counseling services through direct consultation with patients. Responsible for understanding the patient's financial standing, determining a financial course of action based on the standing, and seeking financial assistance programs if necessary. Understands the coordination of insurance benefits, screens and approves state financial assistance programs, and knowledgeable of TCHHN payment options. Possesses the ability to estimate patient liability based on treatment plans/pre-certification, and deliver estimation to the patient or their family. Senses emotionally sensitive financial situations and mitigates family burden; and works continuously with the patient during treatment to adjust financial programs if needed.


Obtains accurate patient demographics and insurance information to be used for billing and reimbursement purposes

Collects funds for co-insurance, co-pay, and deductible.

Responsible for educating patients and designated individuals on their rights and responsibilities as a patient and or guarantor, as well as securing all federal and state mandated forms (i.e., self-pay forms, Joint Commission, HIPAA, Advance Directives, waivers, Advance Beneficiary Notices, Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire, etc.).

Seek financial assistance necessary

This person will also be responsible for keeping a detailed spreadsheet of the patient assistance information.

Educate patients about their insurance benefits, including how much of the annual deductible has been paid, the difference between copayments and coinsurance, and any benefit caps in place. Explains the total cost of the planned treatment, the patient's out-of-pocket expense, and the practice's payment policies.

Obtains the applications for patients and helps them file them.

Attends staff meetings and completes mandatory in-services and requirements and competency evaluations on time.

Performs other duties as required and completes all job functions as per departmental policies and procedures.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: 2 year / Associate Degree in a related field preferred.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 2 - 4 years Healthcare Financial Counseling or Billing required.


Compassionate, sensitive

Communicates well


Enjoys interaction with patients

Familiar with diagnoses and treatments

Knowledgeable about billing and reimbursement processes

Aware of how different insurance plans work


Analytical, with independent research ability



Maintains current knowledge in present areas of responsibility (i.e., self education, attends ongoing educational programs).

Demonstrates competency at all levels in providing care to all patients based on age, sex, weight, and demonstrated needs.


Candidates must successfully complete the Patient Financial Services training.

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