Instrument Quality Specialist - Full Time - Days

Job Description

Inventory, maintain, and reorder instruments in appropriate quantities. Receive, restock, and track all instrument/equipment repair, maintenance, or replacement orders. Utilizes computers to accomplish tasks. Gives direction as needed and acts as a resource person. Keeps management informed of special circumstances which may affect departmental operations.


Inventories, orders, receives and maintains instruments and equipment:

1. Inventories on -hand stock and determines the appropriate reorder quantity. Checks list of "missing" instrumentation and reacts accordingly.

2. Tests instruments for sharpness, alignment, tightness, etc. as required by instrument for optimal use.

3. Using SPM computer, creates lists of instruments to be sharpened and contacts vendor at appropriate intervals.

4. Upon receipt of items, checks against order form and packing slip; notifies supervisor of any discrepancies between packing slip and items received.

5. Enters receipts into computer.

6. Restocks items received to proper storage locations rotating stock (if necessary) so that oldest stock is used first.

7. Notifies supervisor of any incorrect and/or damaged stock.

8. Gives immediate attention to obtaining unavailable/out-of-stock instrumentation or equipment by borrowing from area hospitals, contacting sales representatives, or rush ordering the same (or substitute) item from a secondary vendor.

9. Assists in instrumentation selection process.

10. Immediately notifies Central Service supervisor when items are needed immediately or within the next 24 hours.

Distribution to user departments:

1. Inventories and checks reorders and maintenance requests against departmental area needs.

2. Coordinates the borrowing and loaning of instruments and equipment when necessary.

3. Communicate with product representative when necessary to support the surgery department.

4. Answers telephone and takes needed instrumentation to O.R.

Order eye and mammary implants per surgeon request:

1. Record all requests for implants.

2. Order implants promptly.

3. Check daily to see what implants have not been received for the following three days.

4. Expedite lens order for next day if not received by 10a.m. the preceding day.

Performs record keeping duties as needed.

1. Create a count sheet for every instrument set that Central Service reprocesses. Keep count sheets updated in a timely manner through the data entry process.

2. Establish picture graphics for all instrument sets to assist in instrument assembly.

3. Create instrument assembly instructions or guidelines when necessary.

4. Reviews invoices for accuracy and notifies department manager of discrepancies.

5. Implements a system for restocking and monitoring instrumentation par levels

6. Communicates issues/concerns to Central Service management.

7. Identifies slow or non-moving instrumentation, which could be deleted from inventory.

8. Coordinates the storage and distribution of instruments and equipment provided by Central Service.

9. Maintains quality aseptic procedures.

Quality Monitoring and Training:

1. Assist with instrument maintenance program through creating PM schedules as appropriate and tracking instrument repairs.

2. Responsible for the overall coordination of Quality Monitoring, both routine and random. He/she will monitor daily checks in all areas and coordinate random checks by supervisory personnel.

3. In-services staff on new instruments and/or equipment and proper care of same and retrains as necessary.

4. Actively assists with training of all personnel.


1. Supports departmental quality improvement programs and assists with overseeing statistical information for projects as needed.

2. Liaison between Central Service and all customers utilizing services provided by the staff.

3. Assumes responsibility for the department in the absence of management personnel and assumes leadership role when peers are unavailable to direct staff in any area within Central Service.

4. Operates computer programs designed to track instruments and equipment. Ensures information in database is accurate and updated as needed.

5. Communicates recommendations to department management to enhance departmental operations.

6. All departmental records and logs are utilized as required and reviewed for accuracy daily.

7. Understands and enforces guidelines recommended by AMMI, CDC, OSHA, FDA and Joint Commission.

8. Assists with other duties as departmental needs change.



Demonstrates leadership qualities, conscientious, detailed and have excellent organizational skills. Must be able to remain calm in the event of urgent and stressful situations. Knowledge of Excel preferred.

Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: Requires Central Service experience. Must have high school diploma or GED. Must be a registered Central Service Technician. Must be a graduate from an accredited surgical tech program and at least 1 year OR experience.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Minimum of two (2) years hospital experience with at least 1 year in the operating room in the scrub role.



Certified Central Service Technician and/or Certified Surgical Technologist within 1 year of employment start date.

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