Laboratory Billing Coordinator

Job Description

To coordinate the billing and/or reimbursement processes for laboratory services with regard to pricing, LIS processes, revenue cycle work queues, audits and related areas.


Review and work the various laboratory related billing work queues to ensure timely coding and billing of laboratory claims.

Development, coordination and execution of an ongoing review and audit process of all hospital laboratory related technical component billing functions.

Coordinate and/or perform special assignments/projects utilizing data from the the various sources (Epic, Horizon etc.) and perform related financial and/or clinical analysis.

Work closely with the legal, compliance, finance and revenue cycle teams, as well as external consultants, to investigate and resolve billing/reimbursement issues and discoveries.

Utilize the appropriate mechanism to calculate pricing for new and existing laboratory tests. Participate in the initial test build process to ensure the appropriate billing and pricing information is correctly attached to the test and has been validated.

Research billing/reimbursement changes and ensure that the lab billing team is up-to-date on the current rules and regulations.


KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS (e.g. BSN required, MSN preferred.):

Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: High school diploma or GED required

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Two years experience in reimbursement or health care related field is required.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge and ability to use applicable computer software and procedures are required.


Other Credentials Required or Preferred: Certified Professional Coder (CPC) preferred.