Mammography Technologist - Montgomery - Full Time - Days

Job Description

Eligible candidates may qualify for a hiring bonus up to $30,000.

Operates mammography to produce breast images. Assists Radiologist with needle localizations and any other special procedures required.


1. Technologist related duties and responsibilities:

a. Performs high - quality mammography according to Breast Center

standards of performance.

b. Utilizes radiation safety protection measures.

c. Practices cleanliness to equipment and room.

d. Correctly types all patient information into ID flasher systems.

e. Documents on patient history sheet pertinent patient information such as

scars, moles, location of lumps, etc.

f. Knowledge of quality control procedures.

g. Tracks exams in the Radiology Information Systems.

2. Customer Service Standards:

a. Treats everyone in a courteous and respectful manner.

b. Greets patients with a smile.

c. Does not discuss patient's condition in public.

d. Handles customer complaints objectively and routes them properly.

e. Does not display negative sentiments in front of patients.

f. Attempts to expedite house patient tests.

g. Explains test to patient; engages patient in brief conversation to relax her.

h. Shows empathy for patient.

i. Uses discretion when communicating with patients.

j. Does not keep patient waiting while conducting personal conversations

with fellow workers.

k. Properly explains special procedures to patients obtains consent in

accordance with hospital policy.

3. Breast Self Exam Education:

a. Teaching done as needed includes BSE Video.

b. Answers questions or refers patient to someone who can answer.

c. Pamphlet / shower card.

4. Assists Radiologist:

a. Follows biopsy procedures.

b. Follows needle localization protocol, which includes informing family of the

progress of the procedure.

c. Documents test and significant facts on the Patient History Form.

d. Tracks exams in the Radiology Information System.

e. Cooperation with radiologist in his/her request for additional studies.

f. Assists Radiologist during core needle biopsies if applicable.

5. Clerical Duties:

a. Properly prepares all paperwork necessary before performing patient's


b. Obtains patient's signature on release form and then faxes for previous

outside films.

c. Answers phone using correct courteous manner.

d. Credits/cancels in RIS.

e. Properly uses RIS according to Breast Center protocol.

6. Age Specific Competency Adults:

a. Provides for mobility of patient through any needed physical through any

needed physical assistance.

b. Speaks distanctly to patient.

c. Maintains patient's privacy.

d. Aware of patient loss of strength and flexibility.

e. Attempts to reduce patient's anxiety and fears.

f. Explains procedure to patient and ascertains patient understands

instructions recognizing that there is a decrease in mental performance and



a. Recognizes patient's decreased tolerance to hot/cold and tries provide

patient comfort.

b. Is careful in positioning realizing that skin is fragile.

c. Speaks distinctly, but does not raise voice unless patient has a hearing


d. Maintains patient privacy.

e. Attempts to reduce patient's anxiety and fears.

f. Provides for mobility of patient through any needed physical assistance.

g. Repeats instructions if necessary - recognizing decrease in memory and

slowing of mental functions.

h. Provides assistance in guiding patient into equipment as a result of

decreased vision and depth perception.

7. Alternate job duties (if applicable):

a. Notifies patient of need to return for additional imaging studies.

b. Notifies physician's office if a biopsy is recommended.

c. Prepares all necessary paperwork for core needle biopsies and/or needle


d. Contacts physician's office, pathology departments, and/or the patient for

follow-up biopsy results on the studies not performed at TCH.

8. Performs bone densitometry exam (if applicable).



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: Graduate of accredited school of Radiology Technology.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 1 year exp. in Mammography (as of 10/1/94 - FDA).

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge and skill of operation of mammography equipment and ultrasound equipment to produce quality examinations. Knowledge of sterile technique. 15 C.E. hours in Mammography required (prior to 1/1/94 - ACR)

5 C.E. hours in Mammography required each year after 1/1/94 OR 15 C.E. hours within a three year period.


ARRT Registered Technologist

Certified Mammographer

Ohio Licensure

CPR Certification - bi-annually

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