Manager, Social Services

Job Description

Manager of Social Services- managing front line staff, serve on committees, work on regulatory requirements, problem solving for patient barriers, problem solving for length of stay and readmission issues.



- Responsible for the development and maintenance of the position descriptions, policies, and the procedures of the department. Such processes to be in compliance with the accrediting and regulatory agencies to which the organization subscribes.

- Develop and maintain an orientation plan for the positions in the department. The Manager will have primary responsibility for orientation of new staff to the department and monitoring their progress during the orientation period.

- Completes annual performance evaluations and competency assessments.

- Is responsible for social work staff retention and staff satisfaction.


- Plans, develops, administers and coordinates programs, policies, processes, and procedures to maximize productivity and to ensure delivery of quality social work services including length of stay and readmission reduction.

- Supports processes and systems to facilitate easy patient access to the most appropriate level of care across the at discharge with optimal clinical, financial, and functional outcomes.

- Collaborates and communicates with community services/facilities to remove barriers to discharge, ensure timely discharges, and maintain/improve post discharge clinical outcomes.

- Interfaces with management and staff at all levels of care within the organization to develop evidence-based systems of care and service (i.e., pathways, guidelines, care maps, etc.), which effectively and efficiently meet the needs of patients, physicians, clinical staff, and other customers.


- Works with Epic Business Objects Reports and QMS Data Center to coordinate the collection, analysis and reporting of outcomes data.

- Coordinates performance improvement activities for the Social Work department. Ongoing assessment of opportunities to implement initiatives to continuously improve care. Ensures staff adherence to quality standards, customer service standards, and clinical practice standards.

- Initiates and modifies competencies as needed.


- Participates in professional organizations relating to Social Work and continuum of care issues.

- Actively promotes a positive image of The Christ Hospital with the public and professional community.

- Demonstrates a coaching approach in developing the skills and potential of all professional staff and promotes a sense of empowerment in performance of their duties.

- Supports compliance with all hospital policies and procedure


- Responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations governing social work practice, referrals to community services, and referrals to government regulated programs. Maintains updated policies and procedures, guidelines and processes. Provides staff education regarding changes in laws and regulations and department processes relating to them. (example: adoption, guardianship laws and processes, PASRR, Medicaid, Extended Care Facility regulations)

- Maintains adequate staffing and clinical competency using a supportive and proactive assessment of departmental needs. Ongoing knowledge of regulation

related to specialty areas of OBGYN, Behavioral Health, Emergency Department, Transplant (Donor and Recipient), VAD, and ACE/MACE.

- Maintains updated information on laws and regulations that affect social work practice regarding access to health care for the underserved and marginalized populations.


- Plans and provides education and training of social work staff in best practice interventions, regulatory/licensure issues, community resources, tools and methodology.

- Educates new associates and managers in the principles of and tools of social work and discharge planning, customer focus, data collections, and analysis, team leading, team building, and team facilitation, including but not limited to patient care interdisciplinary rounds.

- Educates staff across all disciplines when appropriate about social work related processes.


- Participates in development, implementation and control of an effective departmental budget.

- Suggests methods to modify operations in order to reduce or prevent expense variances.

- Administers Hugh Daly Human Needs fund and Lazarow Schwartz Transplant Fund to maximize impact on patient care, LOS, readmission, and staff satisfaction.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: Master's Degree in Social Work from an accredited School of Social Work

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 5-7 years in medical social work


• Methods of clinical social work and managerial supervision

• Social Work practice principles, including diagnosis, psychosocial assessment, social work interventions and treatment planning.

• Adheres to professional and ethical standards (NASW Code of Ethics)


LISW-S in the State of Ohio by the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapy Board

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