Manager, TCHP - Behavioral Health

Job Description

Supervise the Behavioral Health Consultants in the primary care practices. Manage staff that provide services to The Christ Hospital Patients and families by assessing psycho-social needs and implementing a plan of care to assure continuity of the patient's care. Develop workflows for staff that work with individuals and groups to promote optimum mental health. Develop psychosocial interventions, advocacy and linkage with community resources.



Develop a plan of intervention, which is integrated with the interdisciplinary treatment team to establish continuum of care in congruence with ethical and legal considerations.

Implements plan of care:

• Provide psycho-social counseling and other therapeutic interventions for patient/family.

• Provides education and crisis management for patient and family.

• Facilitate healthcare decision making.

• Provide psychosocial intervention for; neglect/abuse, adjustment to illness, bereavement, non-compliance and other psychosocial barriers to diagnosis and treatment and compliance.

• Provide referral and linkage to health care and community resources.

• Advocate, mediate and negotiate a cohesive plan for maintaining or improving social supports and patient safety.

• Develop, monitor, evaluate effectiveness of, and modify care plan as needed.

• Assist with the development of behavioral health brief intervention model in the primary care setting

• Use technology to facilitate scheduled and on demand consultations with providers and patients.

• Provide supervision sessions to Behavioral Health Consultant

• Oversee development of primary care behavioral health consultant processes and workflow.

• Assist leadership in the development of an outpatient behavioral health department staffed by TCH employees, fully integrated with TCH primary care and other medical specialtie

• Develop training modules on behavioral health topics for physicians and clinical staff (including residents in primary care)

• Assists with regulatory reporting to CMS for CPC+ program

Monitor billing and track staff productivity

Monitor staffing model and make recommendations to leadership for sustainability

Oversee day to day operation of Behavioral Health Consultant program


• Provide clear, concise, objective written communication about the psychosocial assessment, treatment plan, progress of intervention and outcomes in compliance with regulatory and department standards.

• Document interventions in a timely manner.

• Assist with the development of reporting metrics to monitor effectiveness of interventions

• Complete staff performance evaluation

• Audit staff documentation and evaluate efficacy of interventions.

• Develop patient resources and tools. Collaborate with the IT team to integrate into the EMR.


Assess the psycho-social needs of patients to:

• Identify psycho-social barriers to treatment.

• Identify psychosocial impacts of illness/hospitalization on the patient and family.

• Identify chemical dependency and/or mental illness.

• Identify patient/family/community support systems.

• Identify age related/developmental issues.

• Identify patient/family environmental risk factors (abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, etc.)

• Assist with identification of assessment tools to implement in the primary care practice

• Monitor use of assessment tools to determine efficacy of treatment plan


• Collaborate with interdisciplinary team to enhance quality of care and efficiency.

• Maintain a positive working relationship with healthcare team and community agencies and services.

• Participate in interdisciplinary patient care rounds, care conferences and family conferences.

• Assist interdisciplinary team in understanding significant social and emotional factors related to illness.

• Identify barriers in service delivery systems and advocate for change.

• Provide education to interdisciplinary team members

• Evaluate patient outcomes and participate in process improvement.

• Develop ongoing education and group activities to address stress and staff burnout/turnover

• Coordinate efforts with human resources and, if applicable, the employee assistance program

• Coordinate regular staff training and educational offerings.

• Plans and provides and coordinateseducation and training of social work/counseling staff in best practice interventions, regulatory/licensure issues, community resources, tools and methodology.

Supervisory duties

• Participate in departmental planning, serve on committees and task forces and assume responsibility for delegated projects.

• Plans, develops, administers and coordinates programs, policies, processes, and procedures to maximize productivity and to ensure delivery of Behavioral Health services.

• Interfaces with management and staff at all levels of care within the organization to develop evidence-based systems of care and service (i.e., pathways, guidelines, care maps, etc.), which effectively and efficiently meet the needs of patients, physicians, clinical staff, and other customers.

• Ensures staff adherence to quality standards, customer service standards, and clinical practice standards.

• Provide mandatory and/or voluntary cross coverage when needed.

• Assist with development of an orientation program for new staff.

• Develop and maintain annual competency evaluation program

• Generate and support ideas to improve service delivery.

• Provider supervision to Behavioral Health Consultants and assist with development with plan of care for complex patients.

• Hold regular staff meetings to facilitate effective communication within the team.

• Responsible for meeting compliance with all laws and regulations governing social work and licensed counselors practice, referrals to community services, and referrals to government regulated programs. Maintains updated policies and procedures, guidelines and processes. Provides staff education regarding changes in laws and regulations and department processes.




Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

Exceptional skill interviewing patients and families in crisis and individuals with a wide range of physical and emotional problems. Ability to prioritize many simultaneous demands. Medical and psychiatric competence including knowledge of health policy, regulations, and legislation and community resources. Self-awareness, professionalism, and good judgment in dealing with emotional and confidential issues. Excellent verbal and written communication. Self motivated, organized yet flexible. Skill in mental health assessment and treatment modalities necessary to assess and treat individuals, families and groups. Ability to integrate social work philosophy and ethics into professional practice.

EDUCATION: Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) required

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Behavioral health experience and at least 5 years of counseling experience in a community mental health setting or privately. Substance abuse counseling experience preferred. Must be able to select appropriate counseling methods in order to maximize treatment process and outcomes. Experience in supervising behavioral health staff.


LISW-S required, State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, BLS

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