Manager, TCHP-RN - Medical Oncology

Job Description

Clinical Managers are transformational, transparent, and tribal leaders. Clinical Managers advocate for and allocate available resources to promote efficient, effective, safe and compassionate nursing care based on current standards of practice while promoting shared decision-making and professional autonomy. Clinical Managers have major responsibility for the implementation of the vision, mission, philosophy, core values, evidence-based practice, and standards of the organization, and nursing services within their defined areas of responsibility. Clinical managers are responsible for leading both unit-based and department-wide robust performance improvement/ high reliability projects.


Administrative Leadership

• Demonstrates transformational, transparent, and tribal leadership

• Leads robust performance improvement/high reliability initiatives at both the unit and department level with the goal to improve outcomes.

• Demonstrates knowledge of job standards and key requirements for each staff position in assigned areas of responsibility, holding subordinates accountable for the responsibilities inherent to their positions.

• Provides feedback/counseling, and corrective action to assigned staff as appropriate.

• Provides assigned staff with performance evaluations as defined by HR.

• Conducts outcomes focused rounding on all employees, providing staff feedback and motivation for improved outcomes.

• Supports peer review systems, with mechanisms now in place for staff input into their own evaluations.

• Provides structure and opportunity for staff nurses to establish and accomplish their goals.

• Delegates appropriate responsibility and accountability for designated management activities.

• Promotes unit-based Care Innovation and Transformation.

• Conducts regular leadership and staff meetings.

• Provides opportunities for staff participation in nursing and hospital-based activities including councils and taskforces.

• Monitors to ensure staff maintains/achieves necessary competencies for their job functions.

• Supports professionalism through ethical conduct, appearance, positive communication, attendance and holding self accountable for same standards set for staff.

• Participates in councils, taskforces, and special projects as assigned or requested.

• Ensures organizational strategic goals and unit goals are communicated to staff and achieved.

• Ensures unit-based care delivery aligns with the TCHHN Professional Practice Model.

• Responds to requests that support TCHHN's efforts around the Magnet Recognition Program.


• Ensures personnel are scheduled to meet the needs of the assigned areas of responsibility.

• Oversees and shares transparent staffing within organization.

• Develops and implements models of patient care delivery which maximize resources and productivity with respect for individual rights, preferences, ethnicity, culture and diversity.

• Ensures safe and therapeutic environment is maintained for patients, personnel, physicians, and visitors.

• Fills staff vacancies in a timely manner. Establishes work goals or quantitative/qualitative standards to be achieved with staff input.

• Ensures the nursing process is utilized in care delivery.

• Ensures processes are documented per policy pertaining to new hires, float, and agency personnel receiving appropriate and timely orientation.

• Evaluates effectiveness of unit operations, quality and level of care.

• Works collaboratively with physician leadership to direct operational and clinical improvements.

• Conducts and facilitates robust, high reliability performance assessment and improvement activities for assigned areas of responsibility.

• Informs risk manager and leadership of serious or potentially serious patient/visitor problems and issues as soon as they are identified.

• Coordinates nursing care with other healthcare disciplines and assists in integrating services across the continuum of health care.


• Identifies and quantifies resources needed to support patient care activities in areas of assigned responsibility. Works to comply with productivity standards.

• Participates in zero-based budgeting process and monitors performance by pay period.

• Continuously looks for and implements strategies to reduce cost while maintaining quality and workforce goals.

• Balances patient needs, quality, and cost effectiveness.

• Prepares and participates in finance budget meeting presentation for areas of responsibility.

• Stays current on health care finance and reimbursement issues.

• Manages, prioritizes, and organizes work through objectives leading to goal attainment.

• Demonstrates business acumen.

• Relates budget to organization strategic plan.


• Maintains and seeks responsibility for self-development.

• Participates in organizational Leadership programs.

• Participates in regular talent development programs.

• Networks with colleagues to share ideas, trends, and innovations in areas of responsibility.

• Maintains membership and association in professional nursing organizations, incorporates standards into operations to keep current with evidence-based practice.

• Shares knowledge and information with peers, other nursing managers, and encourages changes in practice based on evidence-based practice.

• Develops and supports "development plans" for unit staff.

• Appropriately represents nursing and/or the hospital in the community and participates in organizationally sponsored community events.

• Assists staff in developing professionally through pursuit of additional education, professional advancement, and certifications.

• Seeks out opportunities for and supports community service activities.


EDUCATION: Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing. BSN is required, MSN preferred.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Minimum of three (2) years in clinical nursing practice. One (1) year experience in leadership position.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Demonstrated knowledge of nursing, healthcare, and organizational systems and strategies. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in robust process improvement, performance improvement, principles of high reliability and just culture. Knowledge of JCAHO standards and other external organizations related to healthcare evaluation and accreditation. Experience with the methodologies and processes related to organizational financial viability. Well developed communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills.

Experience in hematology/oncology clinical practice(s) preferred.

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