Nuclear Medicine Technologist - Full Time - Days

Job Description

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To perform all technical duties involving the use of imaging equipment and the administration of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as prescribed by the Medical Director. To provide quality nuclear medical services around the clock by participating in after hours call (limited to NMT working in the Nuclear Medicine Department only)


1. Prepares and administers Radiopharmaceuticals to the patient.

A. Consistently demonstrates knowledge in the preparation of

Radiopharmaceuticals according to the manufacturers' directions.

B. Constantly demonstrates knowledge in the assaying of

Radiopharmaceuticals using the Dose Calibrator.

C. Constantly performs sterile venipuncture. No infiltrations.

2. Performs appropriate radionuclide procedures on patients of varying ages as defined by the Medical Director.

A. Consistently demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the various camera/computer systems in the Department of Nuclear Medicine or PET

B. Reproduces quality results and is time efficient in acquisition and processing of patient data.

C. Accurately and consistently sends patient image data to the PACs environment.

D. Consistently demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the various protocols. Stays abreast of new protocols.

E. Ensures that each patient receives the highest quality of patient care, consistently and thoroughly explains procedures to all patients, and is responsive to the patient needs and concerns.

3. Maintains a radioactively safe environment.

A. Follows guidelines and standards prescribed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the State of Ohio Department of Health.

B. Consistently wears film and ring badges.

C. Follows Departmental policy in the event of a radiation spill.

D. Utilizes protective shielding to minimize personal exposure.

4. Performs equipment Quality Control and reports problems to Clinical Engineering and the Supervisor.

A. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of procedures associated with equipment calibration.

B. Works with Clinical Engineering and the Supervisor to keep and maintain all equipment in top working condition, thus avoiding potential risk or injury to patients, visitors and operators.

5. Consistently demonstrates efficient documentation proficiency.

A. Completes dose slips with injection information. Labels and initials all patient records clearly. Obtains appropriate history.

B. Maintains accurate tracking and charging of patients in EPIC.

C. Maintains records of radioisotope receipt, use, storage and disposal in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

6. Employment Responsibilities (Section 2 of Evaluation 20% value): Follows The Christ Hospital and Department policies, procedures, objectives, performance improvement, attendance, safety, environmental and infection control guidelines.

A. Completes required STAT classes on an annual basis.

B. Gives the Supervisor adequate notice of absences and builds morale by reporting to work on time.

C. Maximizes efficiency and service by maintaining the work flow, performing assignments within the established time duration and actively helping others when assignments are light. Limits disruptive socializing and non-work related reading and telephone calls to break times.

D. Maintains an organized, stocked, and safe work area.

E. Performs other related duties as assigned.

F. Maintains a valid Ohio Radiological License as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and holds certification in good standing by the ARRT or


G. Maintains current CPR certification.

H. Attends required continued education courses related to area of specialization to remain current in their field.

I. Readily adapts to or suggests new methods.

7. Job Description additional task/responsibility:

Access to patient records in course of normal operations to conduct the business of medical imaging is a responsibility of all designated personnel. Access of records is limited only to records that are pertinent to the patients care or regulatory requirements and only occur when necessary to carry out duties as part of the imaging team. Confidentiality and protection of all records is the responsibility of each individual. This access may occur for the reasons stated below:

• Pre procedure in preparation for the scheduled exam

• During the procedures in care of the patient

• Post procedure to follow up on care,

• To QA processes to insure data is correct

• To conduct retrospective reviews for the purpose of education, research or for compliance to ODH, MQSA, ACR or other regulatory requirement

• To respond to daily calls from patients, other departments, physicians or physician's offices requesting us to access records to review historical procedure record.

Documentation of access must occur where appropriate and feasible in log form, comments in EPIC, HIM or McKesson or other available media/format.

For further guidance, refer to the following TCH Policies.

Policy Number 2.26.153 Access to Protected Health Information.

Policy Number 2.26.133 Employee Access to his or Her Own Protected Health Information



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: Graduate of accredited Nuclear Medicine school

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Technical entry level position

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: A full comprehension of Nuclear Medicine instrumentation, quality control, radionuclides, radiation safety, related human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, quality assurance, and regulatory requirements is essential.

The ability to safely compound and administer radiopharmaceuticals, perform intravenous injections, operate gamma cameras, diagnostic computers, dose calibrators, and survey meters is required.


Current licensure with the State of Ohio and certification with either the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in Nuclear Medicine (ARRT-N) or the Nuclear Medicine Technologist Certification Board (NMTCB) or eligible, with certification registry / registration within one year of graduation from approved, certified, accredited Nuclear Medicine program.