Patient Care Management Supervisor-RN

Job Description

The Clinical Supervisor functions as consultant to patient care colleagues on clinical and operation issues; serves as on-site administrator who facilitates communication between/among patient areas, ancillary support services, and physicians; functions as customer relations representative for patients, families and other visitors; acts as liaison to administrator on call regarding issues related to public safety and public relations.



• Coordinates and facilitates input from the variety of patient care and support services when addressing patient care issues.

• Oversees and ensures the quality and effectiveness of patient care services and satisfaction.

• Serves as on-site consultant on issues related to clinical practice, standards, policies/procedures, etc.

• Assesses situations and provides necessary support and/or clinical intervention as indicated.

• Ensures competency of staff and makes recommendations when needs are identified.

• Provides recognition for significant contributions by staff.

• Interprets change and its impact so as to allay apprehension of staff.


• Collaborates with departmental management and/or staff in decisions on staff allocations as needed.

• Serves as the coordinator and facilitator for the most appropriate and timely placement of patients within the system.

• Responds to and oversees the handling of clinical and environmental emergencies.

• Provides oversight to ensure thoroughness and completion of processes such as management of deaths.

• Provides counsel to staff and/or intervention in the management of customer complaints or difficult issues.

• Ensures that material resources are available to allow staff to do their job.

• Assesses staff competency and compliance with fulfilling their stated roles.

• Ensures that effective communication channels are maintained throughout the organization.


• Serves as on-site administrator, represents administration to all customers on the E/N shift, during the week and D/E/N on weekends.

• Supports and promotes internal and external customer service programs and systems.

• Works collaboratively with a variety of departments and disciplines to integrate a patient/customer approach in the provision of patient care services.

• Supports financial policies and appropriate utilization of budgeted resources.

• Collaborates with other managers in the definition and refinement of objectives and strategies to meet organizational goals.

• Responds to and recommends course of action in all unusual situations which occur during assigned shifts.

• Participates in hospital disaster/safety plan as defined in policy/procedures.

• Directs activities to ensure employee, patient and visitor safety.

• Ensures prompt notification of on-call administrator in appropriate circumstances.

• Completes appropriate communications/reports and sends to appropriate V/P/Department Director in a timely manner.

• Acts as a liaison for the hospital with the media as directed by administrator on-call and Public Relations department.

• Ensures that licensure and accreditation requirements are met.

• Serves on committees and task forces as assigned.


• Actively participates in inservice and continuing education offerings, accomplishes all mandatory requirements.

• Networks with colleagues to share ideas, trends, and innovations in Nursing and area of responsibility.

• Serves as mentor/preceptor and participates in activities related to the educational component of the Christ Hospital and nursing's philosophy

• Utilizes opportunities within the hospital and in the community to enhance the image of nursing.

• Shares knowledge and information with peers, other nursing managers, and encourages changes in practice based on research and scientific principles.

• Maintains membership and association in professional/community organizations.

Age Specific Competency

• Evidence exists that the employee has obtained age specific education and training

• Documentation exists that demonstrates ongoing competency in clinical performance for age related care:

Growth and development need

Treatment protocol

Psychosocial need



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree required; MSN preferred. For individuals hired into the role prior to December of 2009, BSN is required by 2013.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Five (5) years current work experience. Minimum of one-year previous management experience in a tertiary care facility.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Demonstrated ability in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making. Ability to address the overall care needs of a variety of clinical types and age groups. Demonstrated knowledge of nursing, healthcare, and organizational systems, and strategies. Knowledge of JCAHO standards and other external organizations related to healthcare evaluation and accreditation. Well-developed communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills. Demonstrates the ability to work in a culturally diverse setting.


List any certifications and licenses required to perform this position.

Current RN license in the state of Ohio, Certified in BLS.