Pharmacy Technician - Full Time - Rotating

Job Description

Under the direct supervision of the Director of Pharmacy, Assistant Directors, Technician Supervisor, Pharmacists, and according to the standard procedures, a Technician I assist in the preparation and distribution of medications. As a representative of both The Christ Hospital Health Network and Department of Pharmacy Services, promotes a positive image in all dealings with all other hospital employees and hospital guests.


Under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist, prepares medications according to physician order. Includes the following activities:

1. Unit Dose:-Includes filling, packaging, distributing, labeling and scanning medications. Weighs, measures and mixes ingredients, emulsions, liquids, powders, and ointments using proper equipment and technique. Ability to sign in, load and refill automated dispensing machines. Basic inventory of CII safe.

2. IV room-Using aseptic technique prepares and labels intravenous admixtures and other sterile products. Fills syringes and reconstitutes small volume injectable pharmaceuticals for subsequent check and dispensing by a pharmacist. Maintains equipment according to procedure. ;(i.e., cleans the laminar air flow hood).

3 *limited to staff that are trained in Outpatient RX area- Selects prescription items for customers. Rings the register and completes the Ohio State Board requirements with each sale.

Uses technology in the department. This includes the following:

1. Patient information lookup in Epic

2. In-Basket RX messages in Epic for unit dose medications

3. Compounding repackaging in Epic

4. Printing of labels in Epic and wasplabeler DP tracker

Delivery-Includes the transportation of medications from the pharmacy to areas outside the pharmacy. This includes medication cart delivery, IV run and unit dose run. Runs delivered at the correct "run time", and delivered to the correct area, refrigerator vs cart.

Assists the Pharmacist in daily activities.

Answers telephone, receiving and relaying messages as needed.

Re-orders drugs and supplies when stock is low or predetermined stock level indicated. Rotates stock, checks expiration dates and cleans assigned area.

Performs as a receptionist at the RX window. Distributing medications and orders for the correct department and patient. Fills out appropriate paperwork for distribution of medications, and RX computer paper. ;Answers and directs phone calls and assists with any issues.

Maintains a safe environment according to policy and procedure.

Maintains the department in a neat, clean and orderly manner.

Follows departmental and hospital safety policies and procedures.

Performs other duties as deemed necessary by the Director of Pharmacy, Assistant Director, Operations Coordinator, Technician Supervisor and Pharmacists.



Responsible for handling cash as it pertains to selling prescriptions or other pharmacy items.


High school diploma or GED


Pharmacy technician experience preferred.



The person has passed an examination approved by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, PTCB/ CPhT.

Person must register as Technician in Training with Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, if not currently registered with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. ;Upon completion of training period the person must complete registration as Certified Technician with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. The person must keep active certification with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

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