Phlebotomy Technician - Milford - Full Time - Days

Job Description

Eligible candidates may qualify for a $2,500 hiring bonus.

• To collect laboratory specimens, following TCH laboratory standards, and record cardiac tracings following TCH Cardiology standards.

• To complete demographic and financial documentation on all patients following TCH registration standards.


1. Laboratory Specimen Collection Performs venipunctures, finger sticks, heel sticks and IVY bleeding time studies.

• Is able to judge proper collection technique and has knowledge of anatomy of

venipunctures sites. Follows Lab protocol regarding collection attempts, backup

procedures and utilizes lab resource manual for assistance as needed.

• Adheres to safety policies of using gloves and protective barrier equipment,

disposing of sharps according to hospital policy.

• Has knowledge of various specimen tubes anticoagulants and proper

sequence of tubes to be drawn. Follows lab medicine protocol regarding

labeling of specimens, delivering in a timely manner, ordering test accurately

and verifying ordered tests against specimens collected. Checks to make sure

lab test is ordered correctly before sending specimens to lab.

• Has a thorough understanding of special collection techniques. Uses sterile

procedure for blood cultures, butterfly apparatus, etc.

• Responds to, and is sensitive to, special needs of patients to include fainting,

seizures or other adverse reactions to venipunctures procedures or fasting

exams. Also to include patients special attention due to concerns and/or fears.

• Verifies phlebotomy charges and submits label sheets daily for statistics.

• Attends lab competency class as required.

2. Registration-Functions as the testing registrar as needed.

• Assists with clerical duties and patient reception as needed. Maintains skills

as required to function as part of the testing team. Assists in training new staff

members and takes every opportunity to learn registration functions.

• Collects, enters and codes demographic and financial data on hospital

information system. Obtains consents for medical care, financial responsibility,

insurance forms. Copies each patient's insurance card.

• Assists in calling patients for information in preparation for their registration

(excludes MOB).

3. Electrocardiograms (ECGs)Performs routine ECGs following Cardiology

procedure standard within 5-10 minutes of beginning the procedure.

• Meets quality standards set by TCH Cardiology department with correct ID

entered, proper lead placement and absence of baseline wandering, 60 cycle

interference or artifact.

• Is able to recognize life threatening arrhythmias and notifies appropriate

personnel or physician of the presence of such.

• Reviews tracings prior to patient leaving, consulting available physician or

Heart Station with any abnormal tracing.

• Transmits tracings to the Heart Station before leaving exam room for


• Distributes one copy to Heart Station for interpretation and one for chart.

4. Maintains work area, according to cleaning schedule, stocks work area with

supplies, linens, etc. orders supplies as assigned, reports any unsagfe areas to

management as appropriate. Keeps exam rooms ready for H&P's and any

other procedures.

5. Maintains knowledge and skills to perform duties and stay current with

changes as they occur.

• Attends department and technical meetings.

• Reads and initial meeting minutes and appropriate memos.

• Demonstrates willingness to assist in departmental changes to improve

workflow and learn new functions and duties to keep section viable.

• Has dependable attendance record

6. Population based competency - shall primarily work with adult and geriatric

patients or their representative.

Should:• Identify any language, mental, physical or cultural barrier

• Communicate barriers to appropriate personnel, department, agency

• Implement necessary changes to ensure clear, polite understanding of

communicated material.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.


• High School Graduate or equivalent

• Formal phlebotomy training preferred

• Formal ECG training preferred


• Medical experience preferred.

• One year minimum phlebotomy experience preferred

• One year minimum ECG experience desirable


• Knowledge and skill to perform phlebotomy procedures and ECGs. Ability to recognize life threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

• Interpersonal skills to communicate with customers, staff and associates with tact and good judgment.

• Basic math aptitude is required for timing interval computations.

• Manual dexterity is required to handle the equipment of the position - test tubes, needles, vials, computer terminals and ECG monitoring equipment and lead placement.

• Visual acuity is necessary to ready orders, labels, patient identification bracelets, procedures and assess ECG tracings.


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