Pre-Surgery Testing Clerical Coordinator - Full Time - Days

Job Description

The Coordinator - PST is responsible to obtain and verify: Appropriate personal, demographic and financial information for the purposes of ensuring a quality medical record with accurate identification and ability to secure maximum reimbursement for services provided. The Coordinator - PST works with patients to schedule their Pre Surgery Testing, as ordered by their primary care physician or surgeon.


Customer Service:

Makes customer experience a top priority and adheres to the ExCELS core values. Customers include patients, surgeons and their office staff, anesthesia, and co workers. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times. Answers telephone calls using proper greeting etiquette. Promotes a positive and upbeat work environment. Listens well to patients and provides the best service available to meet their needs. Helps out co workers when needed. Deals with conflict in a timely and positive manner.


a. Completes full registration on surgical patients.

b. Evaluates financial data and takes actions to maximize reimbursement

c. Maintains current knowledge of HMO/PPO/Medicare/Medicaid/commercial insurances. Determines patient's primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance.

d. Completes all appropriate questionnaires with patients, including MSPQ.

e. Coordinates patients in need of financial assistance.

f. Initiates on line verification of third party insurance plans

g. Prepares and completes documentation that established Medicare Compliance such as Medicare secondary pay or questionnaire and Advance Beneficiary Notices

h. Documents all data in patient's EMR.


a. Electronically schedules pre surgery testing and/or faxes physician orders to appropriate provider for completion

b. Understands testing protocols and scheduling guidelines

Communication/Interpretation Skills

Interviews patients and obtains, verifies and enters into database complete and accurate demographic and financial information. Assesses and updates information as it relates to each encounter. Determines financial plan and coverage priority. (Data collected directly impacts financial and clinical systems,)

Must maintain facility established productivity standards and Patient Accounts Quality Guidelines (i.e. 100% accuracy of 95% of all registrations).

Must communicate effectively and meet or exceed established customer service goals.

Notifies RN of abnormal testing results. Maintains electronic Master Daily Schedule Tracking sheet.

Communicates with department manager when PST guidelines are not being met by surgeons

Education and Leadership Skills

Provides education and training/mentoring for other staff members. Attends department meetings and reviews procedural & process changes per facility specific guidelines.


a. Assembles patient's chart for the next day surgery

b. Accurately indexes documents from On Base into patient's medical record

c. Faxes, scans, email information to physician's offices and patients

d. Maintains work area organized and neat



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma, Associates Degree preferred or equivalent combination education and experience.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: One year experience in Registration, Billing, Customer Service, or Managed Care Organization work environment. Must have/gain knowledge of the Hospital Medical Staff rules and infection control policies to be effective in this position.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Analytical skills required to make decisions based on the facility and clinical situation at hand.

Computer Literacy - use of multiple systems

Epic, Passport, OnBase, Microsoft Office products and Midas.

Ability to use Internet Access and utilize third party payor systems for eligibility and verification.

Knowledge of health insurance coverage, requirements.

Excellent communication, problem solving skills, and ability to deal with customers, including surgeons and their office staff. Ability to be flexible, organized and function well in stressful situations. Ability to interact Independently to resolve Customer Service issues.

Typing (minimum of 35 words per minute or equivalent key strokes).

Must understand medical terminology and acuity levels.


Annual Registration Competency Review with 95% or greater score obtained.

Yearly STAT testing completed.

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