Registered Nurse - Same Day Surgery Block RN - Part Time - Days

Job Description

The registered nurse assesses, plans, implements and evaluates patient care and communicates effectively with Anesthesiologist and other patient care personnel. The registered nurses educates patients and families on pain management protocols. Assists Anesthesiologists in nerve block administration. Collaborates with surgeons and floor staff as patient advocate to facilitate improved hospitalization. RN's assist with research protocols and data collection.


The Nursing Process

Patient Comfort: Involved in provision of patient comfort measures.

Communication: Explanation and education of specific type of anesthetic block being administered.

Environment, aids patient safety: Utilizes two patient identifiers (name and DOB) and obtains procedural consent.

  • Verifies site marking by anesthesiologists and performs pre-procedural time out with anesthesiologist prior to the start of the procedure and documents appropriately.

Clinical: Assessment, coordination of the plan of care, implementation of plan, evaluation of plan of care.

  • Assists with checking patients in and pre-op and post-op nursing duties as needed

Assisting with all epidural and nerve blocks given by an Anesthesiologist:

  • Patient will be monitored as per ASPAN guidelines for 30 min after block. or until transported to OR and given a handoff to the Anesthesia personnel or ACLS certified personnel. ACLS certification required.

  • Able to remove Epidural catheters or nerve block catheters. Able to titrate and give bolus doses per Epidural pump. Able to bolus nerve block catheters and titrate nerve block pain pump.

  • Proficient in operation of ultrasound.

  • Requires knowledge of surgeon and anesthesiologist preferences.

  • Performs follow-up visits with patients, tracks pain relief using pain management protocol and patient satisfaction, performs follow-up post-op phone call


  • Responsible for patient education pre-procedure.

  • Responsible for staff education pre-op and post-op in SDS, PACU and patient care units .

  • RN's assist with research protocols and data collection

Employee Responsibilities

Complies with organization and department policies and required training.

Completes all educational requirements to maintain competency related to specific population of patient and/or regulatory agencies (Healthstream education 100% on-time completion and attendance for annual education day).

Submits required tests and paperwork in a timely manner without management interventions.


Follows the time and attendance policy; reports to work on time, maintains a good attendance record, has badge and uses it to clock in and out, makes requests for tie off as far in advance as possible, etc.




Registered Nurse licensed in the State of Ohio

Graduate of an accredited school of nursing

BSN must be completed within 5 years of hire date.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 3-5 years medical/surgical experience

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: The RN demonstrates the knowledge, abilities, and skills to provide age and culturally specific patient care and education. The RN effectively communicates with peers, utilizes appropriate channels of communication and maintains absolute confidentiality. The RN maintains competence and demonstrates evidence of continuing professional growth. The RN demonstrates the ability to accept and implement change and the ability to work in a culturally diverse setting.


BLS, ACLS required

Pain Management within 3 years of orientation preferred, not required.

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