Retail Pharmacy Technician - Full Time - Days

Job Description

The Pharmacy Technician provides support to pharmacists and managers in all aspects of providing pharmacy services. The Technician has a history of qualitative consistency and productivity and works with minimal supervision and guidance. The Technician has demonstrated a high level of initiative and motivation and adapts well to new situations. The Technician has demonstrated above average qualitative and quantitative skills, above average knowledge of their work, and above average customer service with all patients. The Technician helps coordinate 3rd party claims, places orders for medications and supplies, troubleshoots problems, accurately and efficiently fills prescriptions. As a representative of both The Christ Hospital Health Network and Department of Pharmacy Services, promotes a positive image in all dealings with all other hospital employees and hospital guests. This position works 4 ten hour shifts each week.


Under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist, prepares medications according to prescription or physician order.

Includes the following activities:

1. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service using SMILES wherever the patient encounter takes place (ie. In the patient's room, over the phone, at the counter, in the halls, etc.)

2. Fill prescriptions that are ready to fill. Included with this is accurately inventory C-2 medications, accurately and efficiently fill and label prescription bottles, restock supplies and product to the shelf. Repair/Replace/Restock the Scriptpro robot to ensure the machine works to its fullest potential.

3. Rings the register and completes the Ohio State Board requirements with each sale. Trouble shoot the register for any discrepancies and at the end of each business day as well as taking the previous day's receipts to the accounting office. File the waiting prescriptions in the will call section so they are readily retrievable for patients when they come to pick up the prescriptions. Perform returns on the will call section so that no prescription is there for over 2 weeks.

4. Accurately and efficiently run new and refill prescriptions through the computer. Included with this is finding, entering, and billing the correct insurance for the patient. While billing for make sure the claim adjudicates to ensure maximum profitability for the department on every claim.

5. File prescriptions and other pharmacy paperwork in an organized manner so they can be retrieved for audits.

Uses technology in the department.

A. This includes the following:

1. Use Epic Willow Ambulatory to enter and fill prescriptions and bill the patient's insurance.

2. Use Epic Hyperspace to see demographics about patients as well as patients ready for discharge.

3. Use Emporos (register system) to correctly ring people out at the front counter as well as at the patient's room.

Meds to Beds: Be able to run and bring prescriptions back to the department, find and bill insurances, ensure the prescriptions are filled in a timely manner. Return the medications to the patient prior to discharge utilizing our mobile payment options. Problem solve insurance issues and be able to talk to the patient. If questions arise call the pharmacist to have them counsel the patient.

Assists the Pharmacist in daily activities.

Answers telephone in a timely and courteous manner, receiving and relaying messages as needed to the appropriate individual

Assists in the orientation, teaching and guidance of other pharmacy supportive personnel. Shows leadership.

Assist in projects.

Re-orders drugs and supplies when stock is low or predetermined stock level indicated. Rotates stock, checks expiration dates and cleans assigned area.

Maintains a safe environment according to policy and procedure.

Maintains the department in a neat, clean and orderly manner.

Follows departmental and hospital safety policies and procedures.

Maintains equipment according to procedure.

Prepares continuous quality improvement records as requested

As a representative of The Christ Hospital Health Network and Department of Pharmacy Services, promotes a positive image in all dealings with all other hospital associates and hospital customers.

Performs other duties as deemed necessary by the Director of Pharmacy, Assistant Director, Operations coordinator and pharmacists.

Potential for exposure to hazardous and toxic substances.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.


High school diploma or GED


A minimum of 2 years of retail experience.


Must meet all minimum qualifications for a Technician

Must have performance appraisals documenting the following:

- A work history of qualitative consistency, productivity and appropriate interdependence.

- A work history of initiative, motivation and flexibility.

- A work history of above average quality, quantity and knowledge of work.

- A work history of above average attendance and reliability.


The person has passed an examination approved by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, PTCB/ CPhT.

Person must register as Technician in Training with Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, if not currently registered with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. Upon completion of training period the person must complete registration as Certified Technician with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. The person must keep active certification with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

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