Sterile Processing Training Coordinator - Full Time - Days

Job Description

Responsible for assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating an organized program for staff education that is directed toward the achievement of professional excellence and information needed to provide excellent patient outcomes. Maintains employee educational files and documents training to meet requirements for Joint Commission.


Coordinates orientation and education of all employees

• Familiarize new employee with physical environment, standards of department and standards of individual employee's job.

• Provide instruction and training to new employee on procedures of infection control, decontamination, instrument assembly, sterilization and case cart set-up.

• Work with new employees to complete skill inventory.

• Instruct staff on opportunities to provide excellent customer service.

• Guides, directs, and counsels orientees regarding work performance.

• Evaluates, documents and shares orienteers' 90-day work performance with the manager.

• Plans and organizes a program to assist staff with obtaining and maintaining certification.

• Have advanced computer skills.

Continuing education of staff

• Responsible for continuing education of staff beyond orientation period to include support and coordination of cross training of all staff.

• Teaches medical, instrument, and supply terminology.

• Trains preceptors and coordinates programs for each functional area of the department.

• Administers skill based competency tests.

• Ensures performance records are reviewed and updated annually with staff and coordinates updates with manager for annual reviews.

Maintains education and skill inventory records on all employees.

• Maintain anecdotal records on new employees as they rotate through specialty departments during orientation.

• Update skill lists on all employees as training progresses.

• Regularly informs the supervisor/manager of problems or potential problems.

• Alerts staff to educational opportunities.

• Ensures practice standards are met.

Coordinates in-service programs.

• Assist with reservations of necessary meeting space and use of audio-visual equipment.

• Maintains and records minutes for departmental in-services.

• Routinely schedule in-services on department policies, procedures and practices.

• Schedules quest speakers as appropriate.

• Actively seeks opportunities to improve own knowledge by regularly attending continuing education courses. Attend at least one additional seminar per year that is related to either management issues or area of practice.

Other related duties.

• Assist with the development of policy and procedure guidelines.

• Monitor Central Service activities to ensure compliance with requirements and/or recommendations of Joint Commission, OSHA, State Board of Health and AAMI.

• Support efforts of all education efforts within Perioperative Services.

• Demonstrates an ability to communicate effectively and express ideas clearly, actively listens.



EDUCATION: High School Diploma, Central Service Certification

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 2 years Central Service experience.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Ability to plan and make effective use of time. Able to effectively instruct others, knowledgeable of human anatomy and understands a sterile OR room set up. Knowledgeable of surgical instrumentation. Computer knowledge and keyboarding.


Central Service Certification