Student Worker - Redbank Physical Therapy

Job Description

Position developed to provide a master's student/graduate with comprehensive knowledge, training and independent project experience in the operations of healthcare administration. The Administrative Resident will translate theory into practice, participate in identified decision-making processes and develop professional values and skills. Rotations may be available through clinical departments, operating units and support areas with responsibility for projects and limited operations. Depending on ability and availability, the Administrative Resident will have responsibility for a variety of projects which may include process improvement activities, budget preparations, revenue cycle, operational analysis service line initiatives, process flow impact or strategic planning.


Participate in a variety of project based work for different departments in order to better understand the culture and organizational process used to arrive at conclusions and drive implementation of decisions. The nature of the projects and level of participation will vary based on the project and the skills of the Administrative Resident. This could range from meeting facilitation to assistance with meeting preparation and work towards deliverables that will be leveraged in the decision-making process.

Complete analysis about organizational questions and the implications of decisions being considered. Highlight cost impact, operational impact or other criteria that will factor into decisions and outcomes.

Complete assimilation meetings with various departments and leaders in order to understand the structure of the organization and to create awareness of the roles and responsibilities of management within the organization.Completes the educational requirements of their institution, including but not limited to a residency plan, residency reports and a master's thesis/project.

Completes the educational requirements of their institution, including but not limited to a residency plan, residency reports and a master's thesis/project.


KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS (e.g. BSN required, MSN preferred.):

EDUCATION: Bachelor Degree and current student in a Master's program with an emphasis in hospital administration

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Practical experience and an interest in a hospital administration career.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Demonstrated leadership ability and plans to pursue a career in hospital or health care administration.


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