Supervisor, Security

Job Description

Investigate security related incidents occurring at TCHHN offsite locations. Investigations are accomplished through a process of data collection that may include interviews, collection of physical evidence, surveillance, incident reporting and report review, and other investigative techniques. The investigator compiles the results of these investigations into reports that are presented to management or to law enforcement.


- Performs all job responsibilities of security officers, and other department members when necessary

- Provides security presence during potential safety/security concerns.

- Handle all situations and concerns to meet the legal and jurisdictional mission of the department.

- Assists in the development of an overall investigation strategy regarding security issues.

- Ensures that investigative responses are prioritized based on business need and the impact to the institution.

- Gathers follow-up information from individuals who are involved, in security related incidents. Interviews victims, witnesses and initial security personnel after reported security incident. Summarizes findings and conclusions.

- Maintains investigations data in a data base and adds investigation reports to the original incident report.

- Performs security investigations on incidents that involve criminal activity.

- Manages the collection of physical evidence by utilizing all available resources (video surveillance, access control systems reports, etc.).

- Serves as the primary contact and liaison for TCHHN Security with local police departments.

- Conducts safety and security risk assessments of designated offsite locations.

- Conducts required fire drills at designated offsite locations.

- Conducts Safety, Security and Emergency Management training at TCHHN offsite locations.

- Ensures staff understanding and compliance with organizational policies and procedures.

- Provides input and suggestions for departmental budgeting process.

- Based on investigations, recommends improvement to access control technology or the utilization of other security countermeasures to address security vulnerabilities.

- Based on investigations, recommends the use of covert technology. Monitors all covert technology when installed.

- Develop and present educational seminars on topics such as Crime Prevention, Workplace Violence, Personal Safety, etc.

- May represent department on shift to outside law enforcement, fire and regulatory agencies.

- Works with offsite departments to coordinate appropriate safety, security, and emergency management services.

- Responsible for accounting, enforcement, and regulation of parking operations. Responsible for special event needs as related to security operations.

Additional Responsibilities

- Follow policies and procedures governing the handling of confidential information as defined by TCHHN and applicable laws and regulations.

- Ensure timeliness, accuracy, availability and security of information.

- Adhere to procedures and policies regarding handling evidence and maintain chain of custody.

- Provide services in a manner to be regularly and conveniently available to meet the needs of TCHHN patients, families and employees.

- Maintain currency in the field through continuing education, literature and seminars.

- Participate in improving organizational performance through recommending areas or approaches for improvement activities, performing new procedures, collecting data and providing input for discussions.

- Ensure that work areas are organized and present a safe, accessible, effective and efficient environment for employees, patients and families.

- Comply with Infection Control policies and procedures.

- Participate in establishing job requirements and goals; perform duties at the desired level or competency.

- Serve as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) and fulfill reporting obligations as required by the Clery Act, network, and college policies; assist in the issuance of timely emergency warnings; serve as a resource to students, employees, and others regarding crime prevention, reporting and victim assistance; and complete annual CSA training.

- Perform other duties as assigned.



EDUCATION: Associate degree

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 3 years security and investigative


Formal training in interviewing, interrogation and advanced investigation techniques preferred. Must be capable of making sound judgments in complicated or potentially dangerous situations. Must be alert and attentive to detail, exercising considerable tact and diplomacy. Basic understanding of healthcare operations, safety/security operations, and investigations required. Must be self motivated.


Valid drivers license with appropriate endorsement

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