Supervisor, Sterile Processing - Full Time - Evenings

Job Description

Coordinate the staffing assignments and direct work flow within the Central Service Department for sterilization, decontamination, case cart set up, and instrument sets. Provides effective, efficient, and results oriented service to all customers through quality preparation, distribution, and control of supplies and equipment used in clinical areas of the hospital. Instrumental in overseeing revenue profitability, operational expenses and cost containment endeavors.



• Recommends effective methods to control expenses and increase profitability and assist with implementation of any procedures to accomplish goals.

• Oversees expenses directly related to supplies and staffing as related to areas of responsibility.


• Oversees decontamination, Instrument preparation, sterilization, and surgical case cart system as the primary components of providing the efficient turnaround of sterilized instruments to customers.

• Provides technical support and problem solving solutions that will meet the needs of the customer.

• Coordinates the maintenance and acquisition of equipment utilized within the department to provide better service and promote an efficient work environment.

Staffing Utilization

• Utilizes staffing and resources in a timely, effective, and efficient manner as evidenced by the delivery of services provided by the department.

• Supervises staff to ensure procedures in all areas of responsibility are being followed to expectations.

• Communicates effectively with all staff members.

• Empowers staff to perform independently and demonstrates effective decision-making qualities through measurable results.

• Monitors productivity of staff and implements process improvements designed to enhance customer services.

• Schedules and coordinates the use of manpower on a monthly basis.

• Directs daily assignments and coordinates work assignments of personnel with others in leadership roles.

Supply Management / Inventory Control

• Communicates supply issues / concerns to Supply Chain management.

• Directs the storage and distribution of instruments and equipment provided by Central Service.

• Maintains quality aseptic procedures and oversees proper handling and storage of all processed items stored both within and outside of Central Service.

• Develops adequate internal inventory levels and maintains them in accordance with set standards.


• Follows established guidelines for the orientation of new hires rotating within the department.

• Completes competency evaluations for each new hire after completing each area of rotation within the department.

• Participates in departmental meetings by providing positive reinforcement of procedures and information required to maintain a superior work environment.

• In-services staff on new processes and retrains as necessary.

• Actively assists with training of all personnel.


• Supports departmental quality improvement programs and assists with overseeing statistical information for projects as needed.

• Liaison between Central Service and all customers utilizing services provided by staff.

• Oversees all departmental operations on a daily basis, which includes but is not limited to sterilization, decontamination, set-up, instrumentation, and acquisitions.

• Assumes responsibility for the department in the absence of management personnel and assumes leadership role when peers are unavailable to direct staff in any area within Central Service.

• Operates computer programs designed to track supplies, equipment, and personnel productivity. Information in database is accurate and updated as needed.

• Communicates recommendations to department management to enhance departmental operations.

• Reviews all departmental records and logs for accuracy on a daily basis.

• Understands and enforces guidelines recommended by Joint Commission, AMMI, CDC, and OSHA.

• Assist with other duties as departmental needs change.



Requires Central Service experience. Must have basic reading, writing, and math skills. Knowledgeable of sterilization / decontamination practices, instrumentation, and medical supplies.

Demonstrate leadership qualities, conscientious, detailed, and have excellent organizational skills. Must be able to remain calm in the event of urgent and stressful situations.


High School graduate preferred; Certified Technician


5 Years of Central Service experience preferred; 2 years as a Certified Technician


Certified Technician

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