Surgery Scheduler - Montgomery Orthopedics - Full Time - Days *Travel Involved*

Job Description

Schedules surgeries and procedures for The Christ Hospital Surgery Center and anesthesia department. Acts as a liaison between physicians and staff to insure accurate scheduling. Systems utilized include custom operating room computer software Op-Time, hospital EPIC system and ICD9 verification system.


Scheduling Accuracy

• Schedules elective and urgent cases appropriately via telephone and fax from physicians, physicians offices and hospital staff

• Understands EPIC/OP-Time scheduling function and importance of accuracy and impact of incorrect information. Must read back and verify all information given verbally (phone calls) and review written information (faxes) to determine accuracy; making notation R/V or WO on each case.

• Schedules surgical cases/procedures for The Christ Hospital Surgical Center

• Schedules within guidelines unique to each surgical services including availability of specialty suites, resources and equipment, other department support and physician preferences.

• Keep track of unavailable equipment

• Schedule procedure lengths according to request and utilization of expert knowledge of case times.

• Schedule procedure matched to appropriate physician preference card utilizing medical knowledge and physician file. Gather appropriate information of new procedures so new cards can be created.

• Contact appropriate resources when equipment conflicts arise to determine if case can be scheduled.

• Contact appropriate people when special requests are made for procedure

• Utilize comment field and key for communication to assist surgical team in case preparation and patient safety.

• Schedules jointly with other departments when support and resources are needed from other department.

• Schedulers must possess effective communication skills and excellent customer service skills.

• Answers phone promptly within three rings, identify department and self

• Give priority to physician call

• Maintain other back line for managers and physician

• Assists and directs all callers to appropriate department.

• Checks physician delineation of privileges to verify certifications and scope to perform appropriate procedure

• Schedules according to block time and monitors early case starts and late cases to insure adequate surgical team coverage.

• Monitors open available time to accommodate physician and patient requests and schedule

• Maintain block booking assignments in EPIC


• Schedulers understand the importance of collecting information to verify patient identification, procedure, anesthesia type, patient type, insurance type and appropriate coding in EPIC.

• Collection of CPT and ICD9 codes is done to determine insurance coverage and compliance

• Resolution must be made of any ABN issue

• Create guarantor account for new patients and be aware of different insurance coverage

• Remain current on insurances accepted at TCH and notify insurance verification department if issue

• Notify financial counselors of self pay patient

Remain current on necessary forms and consents needed for certain procedures for hospital to receive reimbursement


• Provide and promote unit safety

• Safety hazards are corrected and reported to appropriate person

• Returns to area promptly in case of patient emergency, fire, or disaster and reports to person in charge

• Maintains orderliness, efficiency and cleanliness of work station

• Dispose of and order office supplies as needed

• Dispose of confidential paperwork as necessary

Other Duties

• Communicates with staff to insure adequate office coverage

• Perform other duties as assigned within scope of job description

• Rotates weekly the overseeing of the daily schedule

• Reviews schedule for any issues for following day

• Provides weekly schedules as requested

• Call physician offices when questions arise regarding surgery schedule

Professional Development - Assumes responsibility and accountability for professional growth and development. Contributes to the professional development of peers, colleagues and others.

1) Participates in 75% of staff meetings and 75% of council meetings as appropriate. Participates in council activities and task forces to improve competencies of self, co-workers, and staff members related to patient care

2) Supports self and peers in professional growth and development utilizing resources and opportunities within and outside of The Christ Hospital. Acts as a resource, educator and preceptor for staff

• Dress code of the Operating Room is followed

• Volunteer's assistance as a resource and/or preceptor in assigned area

3) Completes all educational requirements to maintain competency related to specific population of patient and/or regulatory agencies (HealthStream education 100% on-time completion and attendance for annual education day). Submits required tests and paperwork in a timely manner without management intervention

4) Participates in self and peer review activities to include the positive recognition of peers and staff on a regular basi

5) Prepares for certification specific to work area of professional practice when eligible

6) Participation in chosen professional organizations, conferences and research is encouraged

7) Participation in community service activities is encouraged


Evidence exists that The Christ Hospital staff considers the special needs and behaviors of the specific patient populations served, associates demonstrate those competencies that address the unique characteristics related to developmental, physical, psychosocial, mental, emotional, and social needs of patients across the life span. Employees are able to demonstrate those competencies that address the needs of patients with unique cultural norms, religious preferences, language, communication barriers, literacy issues, and health literacy limitations.



• Strong knowledge of medical terminology, surgical procedures, diagnosis and basic human anatomy.

• Computer experience required

• Strong analytical skills, showing initiative and independent judgment while maintaining close association with team member

• Excellent customer service skill

• Excellent communication skills and able to develop working relationship with physicians and office

• Able to work under pressure in busy environment with frequent interruption

• Maintain confidentiality of all patient information

• Knowledge of health insurance coverage and requirements.

• Ability to use Internet Access and utilize third party payer systems for eligibility and verification.



• High School Diploma required



None required

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