Surgical Assistant - Full Time - Days

Job Description

Primary responsibility involves performance of specific tasks, as a Surgical Assistant, during surgical procedures to permit the surgeon to perform an efficient and safe operation. Assists with identifying anatomy within the operative field. Maintains positive customer relations. Shall demonstrate competency and posses the technical skills appropriate for his/her assigned cases and utilizes that knowledge in assisting others. Performs various duties within his/her scope of responsibility and is accountable to the manager of the Surgical Assistants.


General Duties

Clinical skills performed under direct supervision of the surgeon include:

Positioning the patient The surgeon shall convey the exact position that will give the best exposure for the surgical procedure. The surgical assistant will carry out his order. Consideration will be given to the patient's comfort and safety providing visualization of the operative site; utilizing appropriate techniques to assist with Hemostasis; utilizing appropriate technique to assist with closure of body planes; selecting and applying appropriate wound dressings; provide assistance in securing drainage systems to tissue.

Providing visualization of the operative site by the following:

• Appropriate placement and securing of retractors with or without padding.

• Packing with sponges

• Digital manipulation of tissue

• Suctioning, irrigating, or sponging

• Manipulation of suture materials (e.g. loops, tags, running suture).

• Proper use of body mechanics to prevent obstruction of the surgeon's view.

Utilizing appropriate techniques to assist with Hemostasis.

• Utilizing running or interrupted subcutaneous sutures with absorbable or non absorbable material.

• Utilizing subcuticular closure techniques with or without adhesive skin closure strips.

• Closing skin method indicated by surgeon (suture, staples, etc.)

Postoperative subcutaneous injection of local anesthetic agent as directed by the surgeon.

Selecting and applying appropriate wound dressings, including the following:

• Liquid or spray occlusive materials

• Absorbent material affixed with tape or circumferential wrapping.

• Immobilizing dressing (soft or rigid.)

Providing assistance in securing drainage system to tissue.

Acts independently in surgery and on-call with regards to the harvesting of veins, radial artery, tendons, bone, skin, and plastic closure on plastic cases.

Provides expert assistance on all major surgical cases, under direct supervision of a surgeon.

Stays abreast of all new technologies as it relates to specialty areas.


Appropriately communicates to the physician all pertinent information related to procedure and changes in the patient's condition.

Communicates the plan of care with all team members, utilizing handoff processes when relieved during procedures.

Completes Incident/Accident reports involving patient and/or personnel in a timely manner.

Maintain a professional rapport with physician's customer's coworker's superiors and members of other departments.


Demonstrates leadership skills such as the ability to motivate, educate, delegate, and mentor peers

Participates in staff meetings.

Supports self and peers in professional growth and development utilizing resources and opportunities within and outside of The Christ Hospital.

Participates in self and peer review activities to include the positive recognition of peers and staff on a regular basis.


Understands factors related to cost and effective outcomes when planning and implementing patient care.

Initiates care in a timely manner, manages workload effectively.

Understands and maintains awareness of fiscal responsibility by utilizing time, equipment, and supplies appropriately.


Be familiar with common positions as they relate to the surgical procedure and will b able to use the equipment necessary to provide the position Competence will include the following:

• Fracture tables

• Head stabilizers

• Body stabilizers

• C-arm extensions

• Any other equipment needed.

Upon completion of the procedure, the patient shall be evaluated for any possible damage from positioning which shall include assessment of the skin. The abnormal condition shall be reported to the surgeon and treatment and documentation shall be carried out.

Assesses patient and environment for safety risks, proactively seeks out and performs safety initiatives.

Implements measures to prevent contamination and/or transmission of disease to include the use of appropriate protective devices and equipment to prevent injury and maintain a safe environment.

Observe breaks in technique rules and regulations of the O.R. department and reports them to people involved and the O.R. charge RN.

Report all unusual patient events and problems to charge nurse.



  • Extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, excellent eye-hand coordination, and ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Sound judgment and knowledge of scientific principles must be used.
  • Competency in selected skills is required through hospital provided instruction.

EDUCATION: 2 years college or specialty school in surgical assisting

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Preferred 4 years general experience with 2 years in any specialty area



Certified by one of the following within 6 months of employment :NSAA, CFA in the AST, AA-C in the AAPA, or CRNFA in the ONA OR Advanced Medical degree with 3 years practice in the United States, BLS certification required

Membership in professional organization preferred

Certification in area of specialty by 2018 preferred

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