Surgical Assistant - Operating Room - Part Time - Days

Job Description

Title: Surgical Assistant II

Shift: Part Time, Day

This position will be scheduled 20 hours per week in The Christ Hospital Operating Room located at 2139 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219.

Job Overview: Primary responsibility involves performance of specific tasks, as a Surgical Assistant, during surgical procedures to permit the surgeon to perform an efficient and safe operation. Assists with identifying anatomy within the operative field. Maintains positive customer relations. Shall demonstrate competency and possess the technical skills appropriate for his/her assigned cases and utilizes that knowledge in assisting others. Performs various duties within his/her scope of responsibility and is accountable to the OR Assistant Clinical Manager and Director of Operations.

The Surgical Assistant II may perform the following duties:

  • Acts independently in surgical skin closures
  • Provides expert assistance on all major surgical cases, under direct supervision of the Surgeon
  • Serves as a Preceptor to new Surgical Assistants
  • Stays abreast of all new technologies as it relates to specialty areas
  • Responsible for clinical skills under direct supervision of the Surgeon including: Positioning the patient, providing visualization of the operative site, utilizing appropriate techniques to assist with hemostasis, utilizing appropriate techniques to assist with closure of body planes, selecting and applying appropriate wound dressings and providing assistance in securing drainage systems to tissue
  • The Surgeon shall convey the exact position that will give the best exposure for the surgical procedure. The Surgical Assistant will carry out this order. Consideration will be given to the patient's comfort and safety.
  • The temperature of the patient should be discussed with the Anesthesia Personnel and methods employed to maintain the desired temperature range.
  • The Surgical Assistant shall be familiar with common positions as they relate to the surgical procedure and will be able to use the equipment necessary to provide the position.
  • Upon completion of the procedure, evaluates the patient for any possible damage from positioning which shall include assessment of the skin.
  • Provides visualization of the operative site
  • Utilizes appropriate techniques to assist with hemostasis
  • Other duties as assigned

Education: Two (2) years college or specialty school in Surgical Assisting

Experience: Four (4) years general experience with two (2) years in any specialty area

Other Skills:

  • Selecting and applying appropriate wound dressings
  • Extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, excellent eye-hand coordination, and ability to stand for long periods of time.
  • Providing assistance in securing drainage systems to tissue Performs other related duties as requested or required
  • Participates in activities as required in Surgical Lab
  • Participates in education of Surgical Team
  • Must be certified by one of the following: NSAA, CFA in the AST, PA-C in the AAPA, or CRNFA in the ONA. If not currently certified as a Surgical Assistant, must obtain said certification within one year of employment. BLS for healthcare providers (American Heart Association) is required prior to patient contact and stays current in the Surgical Assisting field.

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