Surgical Services Assistant - Part Time - Evenings

Job Description

This role provides fundamental care and services to the patient, family, and the unit environment. The scope of service encompasses patient safety, customer service, providing a safe and clean environment for the surgical patient.


General Duties

Ensures O.R. remains clean, clear of clutter and necessary supplies and equipment are available and acceptable.

Proper cleaning, care and placement of essential equipment needed for scheduled cases. For example: arthroscopy pump, fluoroscopy beds, video equipment and overhead tables, etc.

Ensure orderliness and efficiency in the performance of:

• Cleaning: cleaning utility areas, hallways, restrooms, equipment, shelves, cart racks, scrub sinks.

• Stocking: checks equipment and supplies, checks for outdated supplies, stocks work areas, O.R. rooms with supplies (gloves, needle boxes, etc.).

• Checks and records temperature of refrigerators, make adjustments as needed, reports to Maintenance if repair is needed.

• Support: run errands, for example: Blood Bank, Central Service, Pathology, X-Ray department, etc., stays available and accessible while on duty in designated area.

Transport specimens at the direction of the RN

Assists with positioning and moving patients from bed to stretcher according to R.N. instructions.

Transports floor patients to O.R. Must demonstrate sound judgment when transporting, understand hospital code system and knows when to have RN help with transport.

Remove unneeded equipment and returns to proper storage area.

Does surgical shave preps as needed per O.R. prep guidelines and/or surgeon preference.

Assists circulating nurse with tying of sterile gown.

Under direction of R.N. assists with surgical preps and holding of extremities.

Gets case cart from Central and delivers them to proper O.R. room prior to scheduled start time.


Shares pertinent patient information.

Open communication regarding patient care needs between all team members and ancillary departments and/or other areas, i.e., isolation precautions, special patient needs such as oxygen, EKG monitoring and patient limitations.

Reports observations/data to appropriate team members (R.N., AAC, and/or surgeon).


Demonstrate leadership skills such as the ability to motivate, educate, and mentor peers.

Acts rapidly and calmly during emergencies, and provides the necessary items called for by appropriate O.R. team.

Cooperation is demonstrated in the performance of other duties within scope of job description; unit meetings are attended when on duty; attends required in-services and education programs as assigned.

Adheres to established standards in personal appearance and conduct.

• Dress code is followed.

• Conduct is consistent with the ExCEL core values.

• Attendance is prompt and regular.

Follows chain of command


Maintains orderliness and efficiency of the work environment according to AORN Standards to ensure turnaround time between cases is at a minimum.

Display flexibility, accepting change in assignments

Understand fiscal responsibility by utilizing time, equipment, and supplies appropriately.


Calls maintenance for necessary repairs, stocks supplies in room according to standards.

Ensures beds/stretchers/carts are in appropriate position for patient's safety.

Infection Control: Uses good hand washing and aseptic technique, utilizes universal precautions; adheres to isolation procedures, keeps unit clean, removes equipment from room when no longer in use. Dispose of all waste according to hospital procedures. Transports waste to central location.

Safety hazardous are corrected and/or reported to the appropriate person; location of all fire alarms, extinguishers and hoses are known. Spills and hazardous spills are handled according to hospital policy.

Returns to unit promptly in case of patient emergency, fire, or disaster and reports to person in charge.

Handles oxygen tanks safely.

Ensures patient consent is signed and then signs SDS record.

Understands sterile technique.


KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS (e.g. BSN required, MSN preferred.):

Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: High school graduate or G.E.D equivalent




BLS certificate

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