TCHP Clinical Navigator Assistant - Redbank - Full Time - Days

Job Description

Assists the RN Clinical Navigator in daily tasks as the main liaison between the physicians and the patients as well as the physicians and the other office staff. Assists in coordinating new patient referrals, bone marrow transplants, testing and research for all the TCHMS II offices.


Assists with screening patient calls to physicians and handling all that do not require direct physician communication and serves as liaison between physician and office staff at various locations.

A. Screen all calls from all inpatient locations and review with physicians then relay to the Clinical Navigator for communication of data and new orders to the inpatient units.

B. Primary liaison for all other office staff communication for the onsite physicians for any given day.

Assists with coordinating procedures for all TCHMS II physicians and all TCHMS II locations and referrals relating to in and out of town based systems for research, second opinions and transplantation which includes:

A. Schedule all procedures TCHMS II physicians and outlying departments preform such as thoracentesis and bone marrow biopsies in CAT scan and ultrasound.

B. Coordinate all out of town referrals and local transplants to include:

1. Verifying patient insurance coverage related to referral location.

2. Coordinating retrieval and forwarding of appropriate pathology specimens and records.

3. Collecting radiology studies either for patient pickup or direct transport via Fed Ex for referral.4

4. Communication details of said appointment to said facility and requirements for patient.

C. Ordering of all specialty testing: Lab and pathologic.

D. Researching new testing and testing modalities, where they are preformed and how we access them.

E. Builds and maintains a network of appropriate contacts and relationships wit Cancer centers / research facilities around the country and the world.

F. Coordinate phone conversations

Between TCHMS II physicians and other specialists around the country and the world for patient care purposes.

G. Performing multi center searches for available treatment modalities / research opportunities for patients.

H. Gathering additional data and records from out of town referrals/visits.

I. Proficiency in literature searches is a must.

J. Maintain a working knowledge of all operating systems employed at the hospital and physician offices to maintain competency and assist the physicians.

Maintains Physicians schedules to include:

A. Opening and closing of schedules with each location as appropriate related to vacations, conferences and special requests.

B. Inputting and maintaining schedules in Google calendar including all meetings, vacations, conferences, procedures, admissions and special requests for 7 medical oncologists, 7 Mid-level providers, and 2 radiation oncologists.

C. Maintaining hard copy of all time off requests for appropriate record keeping as required by administration.

D. Production of reports for meeting attendance for all providers as required by the administration of the Christ Hospital.

Assists with daily rounds with the physicians and gathers data needed for in-patients such as daily labs, test results, and any data that the physicians require for patient care.

A. Draws up and assigns all physicians to rounding responsibilities at all locations, meetings and procedure

B. Interacts with nursing staff to get overnight updates on inpatients for their physician.

C. Takes overnight updates from physicians on call and distribute to appropriate staff/ physicians.

D. Reviews inpatient records and reports any and all abnormal results like labs, radiology and or pathology.

E. Imports and imprints office notes to the inpatient system.

F. Pulls data from outlying facilities to import to TCHHN system.

Assists with scheduling tests and scans for patients per physicians' requests. Orders specialty testing, i.e. pathology, and keeps updated on new testing offered.

  1. Assists with scheduling of new procedures and teaches the support staff in learning for future scheduling.

Assists with contacting insurance companies to obtain authorizations for additional consults, procedures, bone marrow transplants, and drug trials. Assists with arranging patient participation in phase studies, drug protocols or trials as directed and arranges all appointments directed by the physicians.

Assists with coordinating all new patient referrals by obtaining all pertinent medical records, scheduling consult appointments with appropriate offices and communicating with patients to discuss details.

A. Gathering all required medical records from referring physicians and hospital based systems. Reviewing records for additional items that may be required.

B. Prioritizing the urgency of a new patient visit, adjusting physician schedules as appropriate based on these needs.

C. Contacting each new patient via mail and by phone to inform patient of new patient appointment time.

D. Working with the RN Clinical Navigator to assure the work queue gets printed twice daily and forwarded to the billing staff for approval of insurance, then scheduling new patients accordingly.

Performs clerical duties such as checking physicians' mailboxes, picking up radiation charges and delivering to Red Bank office, delivering mail from Red Bank office to radiation physicians, and preparing and presenting agendas for office staff meetings.

A. Picks up and delivers mail to onsite physicians at The Christ Hospital Cancer center and picks up documents and mail for the physicians of TCHMS II from outlying facilities.

B. Delivers charges and deposits to the Central Business Office from all TCHMS II locations.

C. Acts as primary resource for all staff to navigate Physician requests.

D. Attends seminars, reads magazines, briefings, memos to receive educational updates as mandated. And maintains electronic system management to all out lying facilities.

E. Maintains access to all city wide systems, i.e. Trihealth, University and Mercy systems.



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma or equivalent required.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 3-5 years medical office experience required. 2-3 years research experience including experience with oncology research data (pathology testing, specialty lab testing) and Inclusion/Exclusion criteria for trial participation highly preferred.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Ability to relate and facilitate a good working relationship with patients, co-workers, physicians, and associated facility employees. Ability to utilize effective time management skills to ensure prompt patient treatment as well as to complete required chart documentation and to practice sound judgment in all clinical circumstances required. Exceptional organizational, multitasking, verbal and written communication skills required. Excellent computer skills (Epic preferred) and customer service skills required.