TCHP Phlebotomist - Westbourne Family Medicine - Full Time - Days

Job Description

The Phlebotomist performs venipuncture and fingerstick blood collection from adults. Performs heelstick blood collection as needed from infants. Performs a variety of clerical duties related to the processing of laboratory orders and reports using the hospital and lab computer system, as well as other clerical and clinical office duties as needed.


Laboratory Specimen Collection

Performs venipunctures, finger sticks, heel sticks and IVY bleeding time studies.

• Is able to judge proper collection technique and has knowledge of anatomy of venipunctures sites. Follows Lab protocol regarding collection attempts, backup procedures and utilizes lab resource manual for assistance as needed.

• Adheres to safety policies of using gloves and protective barrier equipment, disposing of sharps according to hospital policy.

• Has knowledge of various specimen tubes anticoagulants and proper sequence of tubes to be drawn. Follows lab medicine protocol regarding labeling of specimens, delivering in a timely manner, ordering test accurately and verifying ordered tests against specimens collected. Checks to make sure lab test is ordered correctly before sending specimens to lab.

• Has a thorough understanding of special collection techniques. Uses sterile procedure for blood cultures, butterfly apparatus, etc.

• Responds to, and is sensitive to, special needs of patients to include fainting, seizures or other adverse reactions to venipunctures procedures or fasting exams. Also to include patients special attention due to concerns and/or fears.

• Verifies phlebotomy charges and submits label sheets daily for statistics.

• Maintains work area, according to cleaning schedule, stocks work area with supplies, linens, etc. orders supplies as assigned, reports any unsafe areas to management as appropriate.

Customer Service-

Treats all customers (patients, medical staff, co-workers, visitors, etc.) in a courteous and respectful manner, making every effort to make them feel at ease and comfortable with their experience.

• Uses the appropriate title and name of customers, introduces self and explains procedures to be performed and the time required.

• Communicates clearly, explaining delays in a timely manner.

• Responds to customer questions and/or concerns in a professional manner, instilling confidence, being observant of patient needs, offering assistance as needed, striving to reduce levels of concern or fear.

• Handles upset, angry, or inconvenienced customers by listening without being defensive, offering apologies as appropriate, assuring that you will correct the problem or help and follow-up as needed, communicate the incident to the supervisor.

• Demonstrates willingness to work with and assist co-workers in any way to provide timely patient service. Participates in department and hospital customer service programs to recognize others who provide exceptional customer service above and beyond the expectations listed.

• Demonstrates ability to communicate with all age groups as appropriate.

Assists with Clerical and Clinical Duties as assigned by Manager

• Assists with clerical duties and patient reception as needed. Maintains skills as required to function as part of the testing team.

• Collects, enters and codes demographic and financial data on hospital information system. Obtains consents for medical care, financial responsibility, including obtaining ABS when applicable, and insurance forms. Copies each patient's insurance card.

• Assists in calling patients for information in preparation for their registration



Please describe any specialized knowledge or skills, which are REQUIRED to perform the position duties. Do not personalize the job description, credentials, or knowledge and skills based on the current associate. List any special education required for this position.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma or Equivalent Required. Formal Phlebotomy training required.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 1 yr phlebotomy experience preferred.


Knowledge and skill to perform phlebotomy procedures. Interpersonal skills to communicate with customers, staff and associates with tact and good judgment. Manual dexterity is required to handle the equipment of the position- test tubes, needles, vials, computer terminals. Visual acuity is necessary to ready orders, labels, patient identification bracelets, and procedures. Must have excellent computer skills. Must pass skills assessment testing.


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