Transplant Coordinator-RN - Heart Transplant - Full Time - Days

Job Description

The Recipient Transplant Coordinator is primarily responsible for the coordination of care for a patient that has been referred for a heart transplant. The coordinator manages and facilitates the evaluation, preparation, education and presentation of candidates for eligibility for transplantation and addition to the UNOS waitlist. The coordination of care is related to all phases of the transplant process: Pre -transplant, transplant and post- transplant.


Coordination of Transplant Process- Coordinates the care of the patient from time the patient is referred to the transplant team through transplantation or addition to the waitlist. This coordination of care is completed by following departmental and hospital standard of care guidelines and includes the multidisciplinary team. The patient's physical, psychosocial, spiritual and educational needs are met by utilizing The Christ Hospital's Professional Practice Model.

1) Pre-transplant phase is initiated upon the receipt of a referral to the transplant team through transplantation, waitlisting, or denial from multidisciplinary transplant team.

2) Transplant phase begins when the patient enters the hospital for transplantation and ends when the patient is discharged from the hospital.

3) Post Transplant phase occurs after the recipient is discharged from the hospital.

4) See attached addendum for specifics for each phase.

Patient Education- Provides ongoing, individualized holistic patient and family education related to the kidney donation process in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team.

1) Education provided at initial meeting with patient and family that discusses all phases of transplantation and what recipient can expect throughout the process.

2) Ongoing education throughout the evaluation process is provided.

3) Participation with recipient at surgeon's conference with other members from the multidisciplinary team.

4) Provides repeat education at Pre-admission testing related to the procedure and hospitalization.

5) Education provided during patient rounding while in the hospital.

6) Serves as a resource for educational information that the recipient may have post transplant.

Documentation- Transplant documentation is accurately and concisely documented in the patient's electronic medical record reflecting the plan of care as implemented by the patient, family and multidisciplinary team.

1) Documents information in a timely manner, according to hospital policy, to include the progression in the transplant / waitlist process and those factors that may be delaying the work-up process.

2) Maintains patient lists to assure that patients are being managed effectively.

3) Updates EMR as patient progresses from pre-transplant, transplant, and post transplant.

4) Delegates to appropriate team members those documents that need to be scanned into the EMR to assure the EMR is complete.

5) Recipient and surgical information is recorded in EMR post transplant to assure completeness of the patient record.

6) Accurate and timely input of data into UNOS as required.

7) Documents according to policy and procedure to meet all regulatory requirements.

Case Presentations- Individual case presentations are presented to the multidisciplinary team weekly. All case presentations represent an accurate and concise summary of medical history, psychosocial history, test and lab results as well as medical clearance from other specialty physicians the patient may be under the care of.

1) Able to present case in an organized and efficient manner.

2) Is knowledgeable about the case and is able to answer questions as requested.

3) Comes prepared to meeting with needed handouts, documents, and EMR access for all physicians for review.

4) Presents self in a professional manner.

Waitlist Management- Covers for waitlist coordinator when on call for department. Documents changes in status of waitlisted patients accordingly.

1) Available to surgeons when on call and able to provide needed information from UNOS and the medical record as needed.

2) Answers calls and pages in a timely manner when on call.

3) Manages "Hold" and Active" status when informed by other team members of a change in patient condition / situation

4) Notifies appropriate members of the team when a patient is called in to receive a transplant.

5) Documents required information when a patient is called in for transplant

6) Places charges as appropriate.

7) Updates UNOS per regulatory guidelines when a patient is transplanted.

Leadership- Demonstrates leadership skills such as the ability to motivate, educate, delegate and mentor peers and other members of the healthcare team while effectively managing the care of patients and family members.

1) Acts as a resource and educator for multidisciplinary team members and students, continuously evaluating and documenting competency.

Professional Development- Assumes responsibility and accountability for professional growth and development. Contributes to the professional development of peers, colleagues and others.

1) participates in 75% of Transplant forum meeting

2) participates in 75% of staff meeting

3) Supports self and peers in professional growth and development utilizing resources and opportunities within and outside of The Christ Hospital

4) Completes all educational requirements to maintain competency related to specific population of patients and / or regulatory agencies (Health stream education 100% on time completion and attendance for annual education day). Submits required tests and paperwork in a timely manner without management intervention.

5) Participates in self and peer review activities to include the positive recognition of peers and staff on a regular basi

6) Participates in chosen professional organizations, conferences and research is encouraged

7) Evaluates and participates in performance improvement initiative

8) Participation in community service activities is encouraged

9) Participation in research activities is encouraged.

Productivity- Understands factors related to cost and effective outcomes when planning and implementing care.

1) Initiates evaluation process in a timely manner, manages workload effectively.

2) Meets department goal of 90 days for transplant evaluation process 80% of the time (taking into consideration those factors outside the Coordinator's control).

3) Understands and maintains awareness of fiscal responsibility

4) Adheres to time and attendance policy and understanding how it could affect patient / family outcomes.

Unit Population Served Competency

Evidenced exists that The Christ Hospital staff considers the special needs and behaviors of the specific patient populations served, associates demonstrate those competencies that address the unique characteristics related to developmental, physical, psychosocial, mental, emotional, and social needs of patients across the life span. Employees are able to demonstrate those competencies that address the needs of patients with unique cultural norms, religious preferences, language, communication barriers, literacy issues, and health literacy limitations.



EDUCATION: Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing. Bachelor's degree preferred. Is required to obtain BSN within 5 years of hire.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Minimum of two (2) years in clinical nursing practice. One (1) year experience in transplant / ESRD nursing is preferred.


Graduate of an approved School of Nursing and Current RN licensure in the state of employment, the RN holds a current license to practice nursing in her/his state of employment, membership in a transplant related professional organizations is preferred. Certification as Transplant Coordinator is preferred within 2 years of entering position. BLS certification is required prior to patient contact.

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