Radiology Tech Student - Electrophysiology Lab

Job Description

Assists licensed and registered technologist in their duties to perform routine radiographs as allowed by law to facilitate the flow of patients and create an efficient working environment.


Assists credentialed technologist in their duties to perform studies per physician order and is responsible to greet patients and guests in an appropriate manner,adhering to all hospital and department policies and standards.

  • Identifying correct patient and procedure: asks patient to verify name and
    • date of birth. Compares control sheet with order.
  • Obtaining appropriate information from patients to include the completion of
    • any safety form: CT, contrast, MR, consents.
  • Transports patients from ER exam room or waiting room to department.
  • Assists patient on and off the table.
  • Helps technologist position patient on the table for the exam.
  • Can move x-ray equipment to assist technologist: adjust table, move portable
  • If working in a non RGE area, the student may perform studies under the direct supervision of the credentialed technologist within the scope and abilities of the student. Must demonstrate competency prior to performing studies with indirect supervision.
  • If working in an area with RGE- If student passes the state license test as a
    • GXMO, they are allowed within the limits of the law to perform general
    • radiography routine exams that they have proven their competency to perform.
    • This is to be done under the general indirect supervision of the licensed
    • Registered Technologist.
  1. Must be versatile within the assigned imaging department working under the direct supervision of a Licensed/ Registered Technologist.
  • Tracking completed exams in the Radiology Information Computer System.
  • Checking the open orders list before the end of their shift, completing any open orders.
  • Keeps assigned work areas neat, clean and well stocked.

  1. Protects the safety of all patients, guests and employees following established hospital or department policies and in accordance with regulatory agencies.
  • This may include radiation safety, MR safety and safety from harm.
  • Adheres to all policies related to regulatory agency requirements: Joint Commission, Ohio Department of Health, HIPAA compliance, and all protections and privacy of the patients.
  1. Has knowledge of and can perform front desk operations as well as computer systems.
  • Can schedule all exams done through the whole department alerting supervisor
  • when necessary.
  • Can use the centralize transport program for patient transport. Documenting times and noting additional comments.
  • Can look up pertinent information in the computer systems concerning patient exams, ordering, reprinting or canceling when necessary.
  • Answers phones and directs calls. Calls to the floor or ER to obtain additional information to keep effcient patient flow.

  1. Other duties as directed.
  • Assisting in the imaging library with such tasks as: burn images to a CD look up patient information, answering phones.
  • Transporting in house patients, following the department's guidelines.
  • Reports any problems to a manager
  • Any other duties as needed depending on the business of the imaging area.

  1. Job Description additional task/responsibility:

Access to patient records in course of normal operations to conduct the business of medical imaging is a responsibility of all designated personnel. Access of records is limited only to records that are pertinent to the patients care or regulatory requirements and only occur when necessary to carry out duties as part of the imaging team. Confidentiality and protection of all records is the responsibility of each individual. This access may occur for the reasons stated below:

  • Pre procedure in preparation for the scheduled exam
  • During the procedures in care of the patient
  • Post procedure to follow up on care,
  • To QA processes to insure data is correct
  • To conduct retrospective reviews for the purpose of education, research or for
  • compliance to ODH, MQSA, ACR or other regulatory requirements
  • To respond to daily calls from patients, other departments, physicians or
  • Physician's offices requesting us to access records to review historical procedure

Documentation of access must occur where appropriate and feasible in log form, comments in EPIC, HIM or McKesson or other available media/format.

For further guidance, refer to the following TCH Policies.

Policy Number 2.26.153 Access to Protected Health Information.

Policy Number 2.26.133 Employee Access to his or Her Own Protected Health Information



EDUCATION: Actively participating in an AMA approved training program for RTS or ARRT accredited Radiologic Technology school or other related Allied Health Program: Ultrasound or MRI.

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge of medical terminology, isolation and sterile techniques/procedures. Computer skills to include knowledge of word processing and good ability to look up and input data.


Employee must be enrolled in an approved imaging program that they will be eligible for or hold a valid Ohio license upon graduation if working in an area with RGE. CPR certification is also required.

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